Everykey: The Masterkey


What is Everykey for?

Everykey is like a master key. True to its name, it is the key to open up all the passwords. It is groundbreaking device to unlock all types of device that are restricted by a password or a code. All the electronic devices smartphones, laptops or desktop computers are usually protected by a password or a code, and it is not unusual for a user forgetting these kinds of passwords; this is where Everykey plays its part.

How much is Everykey Crowd Funded?

It is crowd funded at $111,627 pledged of $100,000 goal.  15 hours are left to close the bid. This device is on bid at kickstarter.com.

Is Everykey useful and exciting?

Everykey is quite useful in cases where the password for an electronic item slips off from your memory. To open up the locked device you just have to bring this beautifully designed bracelet near the device and it automatically opens up the device. Also to prevent any kind of deception at the hands of strangers you can easily deactivate Everykey in case of urgency.  Available in exciting colors this band is equally fashionable and functional.

More of Everykey?

Everykey has been meticulously designed so as to enable your own safety. It is totally unapproachable for the hackers and moreover if you lose your everykey you can deactivate it with a few simple steps. With a customizable range of 3 meters and an almost 30 day battery life, everykey is a single window solution to let go all your passwords and codes.