Everytap is a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices

What does Everytap company Do?

Everytap.com is a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. It lets you earn points for visits and orders at places you visit frequently, be it your favorite cafe, bar, restaurant or cinema. Venue owners may reward best customers by enhancing their experience by providing access to awesome things like entrance to the backstage at a concert of your favorite band.

Why do we need Everytap?

It makes it easy to unlock special experiences at your favorite venues and makes it possible to feel like you really belong there. It helps creating a small community connected through how and where they like to spend their time. Imagine the “Friends” series…

Who is Everytap for?

Everytap is for those who frequently visit entertainment and food&drink venues such cafes, bars, restaurants or cinemas. If you like to be a part of a community created around those places and activities, here’s the way. Everytap is also a great tool for venue owners and brands, producers or distributors of products available there.

What makes Everytap stand out from Others?

Everytap doesn’t require you to spend time looking at a screen while you’re having a great time out with friends. It works seamlessly even without taking your phone out of a pocket. It’s all possible thanks to the awesome iBeacon technology.

What’s Next of Everytap?

The next step to enhancing experiences and making it more comfortable to hang out at favorite venues, Everytap will provide hands-free payments that are both secure and incredible convenient. Imagine not having to take your wallet, card or phone out of a pocket and just saying at the bar “Two Buds for John, please!”.