FameBit is an advertisement startup that connects brands to youtube stars


Who is FameBit for?

FameBit is a big platform to collaborate with the youtube stars. We hear more about the enormous stars of YouTube, however shouldn’t something be said about the makers who haven’t exactly come to reach the superstar status? All things considered, in the event that they are looking to associate with promoters, startup FameBit means to offer assistance.

What does FameBit do?

Fellow benefactor and CEO David Kierzkowski said that most multi-channel systems which help YouTube content inventors manufacture a business around their video clips, are centered on the main 1 or 2 percent of YouTube makers. FameBit, then again, has manufactured a serve toward oneself commercial center interfacing long and mid-tail inventors with advertisers who need to support their features. Today, FameBit is offering a few numbers about how huge its system has really gotten. The organization says it lives up to expectations with more than 9,000 YouTubers, including 350 million endorsers, who have joined with 1,250+ brands for more than 1,650 compaigns. Sponsorships empowered by FameBit incorporate this TJ Smith feature highlighting Dollar Shave Club and this feature from The Wing Girls advancing the film The Duff. Kierzkowski said the platform concentrates on companies in the 40, 100, 200K endorser range and the normal is 46,000 endorsers. In the meantime, Kozera expressed profound gratitude to FameBit’s model, it can work with inventors whether they’re huge or little, it doesn’t make a differ.

What’s next in FameBit?

The startup raised seed subsidizing a year ago from financial specialists including startup studio Science Inc. FameBit is the response to an issue postured by the atomization of substance, which implies more makers to go about as their own particular distributers attempting to make sense of, “How would they add to that gathering of people? How would they build up their business connections and develop themselves as a business? Famebit help brands see the estimation of the littler makers as opposed to requiring that one major star, included FameBit prime supporter and COO Agnes Kozera. There is a great deal of stunning specialty channels that see a ton of engagement and make super extraordinary substance.