What does FansUnite company Do?

FansUnite.com is a big data analytics platform disrupting the $1 trillion dollar annual online wagering sector. We process inputs from our 4,500 beta data providers and leverage a cloud based machine learning environment. Our users have made over 70,000 predictions with a 10% higher win rate then industry averages. FansUnite monetizes by providing real-time analytics to individual users through a SaaS portal, and B2B through a subscription based API.

Why do we need FansUnite?

FansUnite aims to be a hub for avid sports fans and sports bettors alike, while providing transparent rankings and comparative data analysis of FansUnite member picks and recommendations. FansUnite is an engaging social network that can help make you money.

Who is FansUnite for?

FansUnite is for both sports fans and sports bettors. As a sports social network, FansUnite caters to both crowds.

What makes FansUnite stand out from Others? 

Members gain access to our proprietary, highly scalable Pick Tracker for personal performance analysis. We provide unbiased, transparent ranking and comparative data analysis of FansUnite Member picks.

What’s Next of FansUnite? 

FansUnite is looking to build on our early international growth momentum. FansUnite is working on additional tools to help our users become even more profitable. Additionally, we are in the process of upgrading our mobile platform.