Femasys Raises $40M in Series C


What does Femasys do?

Femasys, is a company which develops innovative medical devices for women’s healthcare industry. The company is engaged in research and development and manufacture of medical devices for the healthcare of women, which is used mainly in the physician’s office. The company’s products include FemVue Saline Air device, which helps in creating and delivering an alternating pattern of air and saline as a constant stream, and helps physicians in assessing their female patient’s fallopian tubes. Another device is the FemChec Pressure Management Devices, which controls the max applied pressure while performing hysterosalpingogram. The company mainly serves the consumers in U.S.A.

How much Femasys was funded?

The company raised $40M in Series C on December 16, 2016

Previous funding

$1.75M in undisclosed round on June 10, 2009

$1.08M in undisclosed round on August 27, 2010

$641.5k in undisclosed round on June 22, 2011

$1.75M in undisclosed round on September 20, 2011

$1.01M in undisclosed round on June 8, 2012

$180k in undisclosed round on September 23, 2013

$10.2M in Series B on April 29, 2015 from Mario Family Funds, Salem Partners and Legacy Capital Partners.

$3.3M in undisclosed round on August 12, 2016

What is next for Femasys?

The company plans on using the latest funding raised for mainly supporting the pivotal testing of its radical, non-surgical permanent contraception solution, FemBloc. This was designed for providing ladies with the 1st non-surgical permanent contraceptive option which can be delivered in the physician’s office. The company announced that it gained FDA investigational device exemption permanent contraceptive solution which is highly effective and safe for women in the country and all over the world.

More about Femasys

Femasys was found in 2004 by Kathy Lee-Sepsick. It has its headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. The company is a privately held company which is committed to changing the healthcare of women globally by expanding options for women with next gen advancements and innovative med devices by providing significant clinical impact.