Ethiopians in Toronto, as well as in the rest of Canada, form a thriving, growing community. Even celebrities like hip hop artist The Weeknd hail from Toronto’s Ethiopian community, a fact that he acknowledges by singing in Amharic at sold-out shows at the ACC. Their connections to Ethiopia are strong, too, but many in the community complain about how expensive it is to get in touch with family and friends back home.

When you want to make a cheap call to Ethiopia, calling cards may not be the way to go. They often turn out to be more expensive than you initially expected, with so many companies springing surprise fees on you and taking away money you thought you’d have to make a call. As it turns out, just about anyone can start a calling card company, just not a good one. They contract or purchase a server that can handle a certain volume of calls, pay VoIP providers for different regions of the world, and print thousands of cards. They typically advertise low per-minute rates to get you to buy the card, but turn around and hit you with fees and surcharges to earn money.

How To Call Ethiopia From Canada For Cheap

Instead of relying on calling cards, a long distance calling plan can save you from paying high rates and hidden fees. One telecommunications company, G3 Telecom, offers long distance calling from Canada and the US to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cuba, India, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and dozens of other countries across the globe. What makes it different from so many calling card companies is that it partners with major telecommunications companies to provide superior call routes to its users. Routes are why making a call from your cellphone is so much clearer than when you use a calling card. By using G3 Telecom, you get both a lower rate and the high quality you’ve come to expect making local calls.

The service you use should offer both pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription rates. The advantage of a monthly subscription is a cheaper bundle, and if you’re calling family or friends regularly every week, you know more or less exactly how much time you need. Calling Ethiopia from Canada is cheaper and easier with long distance calling plans from G3 Telecom that you can manage online or through the mobile app.

With the right long distance calling plan, you can call Ethiopia at affordable prices, without having to worry about unnecessary fees or contracts that lock you into unfair deals. A good long distance calling service lets you walk away at any time and always makes sure you know exactly how much you’re paying to make cheap calls to Ethiopia. A quality telecommunications company doesn’t need tricks to force its customers to stay; good rates and a convenient, easy-to-use service will be enough to keep frequent international callers happy and loyal. If you’re unsatisfied with how much it’s been costing you to call your family, friends, or coworkers in Ethiopia, there’s never been a better time to switch.