Finrise Raises $5.4M

What does Finrise do?

Finrise, is a healthcare marketplace which provides a seamless way for financin elective healthcare services. This company is providing a financing option for services and treatments which are not covered by insurance, directly in the doctor’s office. The company aims at increasing the accessibility of quality healthcare through a suite of transparent products starting with patients of vision, dental, veterinary and audiology services. The company believes that patients deserve better, which is why they aim at placing patient empowerment and customer service ahead of healthcare lending. Everyday, patients get instant and transparent term loans right in the doctor’s office onto their phones. The company looks beyond simple FICO scores, which were created more than 30 years ago in times where there were no smart phones and access to internet. This company empowers doctors to treat without any limitation of affordability. Through a combination coverage, care and change, they are building a solution which doctors prefer for their patients.

How much Finrise was funded?

The company raised $5.3M on October 19, 2016 from Jack Herrick, Jeff Bonforte, Rick Marini,  Western Technology Investment, Sam Hodges, Matt Humphrey,  NFX Guild, Wti Holding UK LLP and Mayfield Fund.

Previous funding

$120k on December 1, 2015 from NFX Guild and iAngels

What is next for Finrise?

Finrise plans on using the latest funding raised for accelerating the availability of its elective healthcare financing solutions in prime markets across the nation.

More about Finrise

Finrise was founded on October 15, 2015. It has its headquarters in Burlingame, California. The company works tirelessly for making purchasing of healthcare services as simple as checking out on Amazon. The company improves both the doctor and patient experience for healthcare transactions which need a high out of pocket payment, eliminating the fear of next doctor visit, and helping doctors in providing service without the limitation of the patient bank account.