Four key advantages of outsourcing for start-ups


If you are a new business owner with your own start-up company, then there can seem a never-ending list of jobs to do. This is usually compounded by the fact that many start-ups have limited numbers of staff initially to do it all – you may even be a one-man band for a while!

A natural effect of this is that you can end up trying to do too much and wearing too many business hats. It can also mean that you have to take on tasks that sit outside your core role and what you planned to take care of as company CEO. Over time, this can be dangerous and impact on the quality of what you do and your overall brand image.

While this can seem unavoidable for some new entrepreneurs, it need not be. A great option to consider is to simply outsource parts of your new business to professional, external agencies. When you outsource a particular area of your business, the external agency will look after it for you and do all the work involved.

Recent figures show that 90% of all new businesses fail. To make sure that you are not part of that, you need to find a way to work smarter and more productively.

What parts of your start-up could you outsource?

Before we look at why outsourcing some of your new business is wise, it is worth thinking about which areas to outsource.

An Amazon listing optimization service is certainly popular with many – this list of optimization services gives a good idea of what is involved. But why outsource this? If you will be selling your goods on online marketplaces such as Amazon, you need to know how to produce listings and optimize the content to stand out. If you are not a specialist in this field, it can hard and time-consuming to do it yourself. This is why many start-ups will call in the services of an agency to help them attract customers and make money.

Other common tasks to outsource include:

  • Payroll
  • HR admin
  • IT services

Benefits of choosing to outsource for start-ups

If you are wondering just what advantages outsourcing parts of your business can bring, then the below should help:

  • Saves time for core work – one immediate benefit of outsourcing is how it saves time for you and any staff you may have. Rather than spending vital hours on tasks that are not part of your role or generating money for the business, you are able to pass this on to an external company to cover. This will mean that you get lots more time to focus on your core work, network and build up your business to start making money.
  • Less stress and hassle – if you are already running around trying to do everything, then you know how stressful it can be. Outsourcing removes this stress factor by simply giving you less to do and more time to handle what you keep in-house. It will stop you running around like a headless chicken and feeling like everything is getting on top of you. You also get extra peace of mind and no sleepless nights worrying about whether you have done everything that’s needed!
  • Tasks handled by experts – if you try to do everything yourself, then you will end up battling through work you do not enjoy at times and also may not understand properly. This will only lead to frustration and errors, which can harm your newly established brand image. Outsourcing eliminates this by letting specialist outside companies use their skills to cover the work they enjoy and have the experience to handle.
  • Save money in the long run – this may sound a little strange to some new business owners. After all, how can paying someone to do jobs that you or your staff could cover save money? The fact is that outsourcing has been shown to save up to 60% on operating costs. The reason is that outsourcing means you do not have the expense of recruiting staff, training them, and providing them with equipment to use. In many cases, outsourcing tasks to skilled workers will provide a better service to customers and help win more business.

Make it easier on yourself

Running your own start-up should be an enjoyable and thrilling experience. If you have to set up marketing campaigns when you hate marketing or run payroll when math is not your bag though, it can soon become tiresome. If you need a way to make it easier, then outsourcing parts of your business is certainly worth thinking about.