Here’s some fresh food for thought; did you know that offering free fruit in the workplace can motivate your team, reduce attrition rates, minimise sick leave and boost your brand image?

It may seem like a long list of benefits for something as simple as a bowl of clementines and plums, but providing fruit at your workplace is a little gesture which can reap significant rewards for companies.

With experts recommending that we eat at least five portions (amounting to 400g) of fruit and vegetables each day, it’s not always easy to fit a healthy diet into a hectic work schedule. Offering free, fresh fruit to your staff helps employees eat healthily, feel appreciated and engage more positively with your company.

Discover how fruit could benefit your business in more detail below…

Healthy employees

23.3 million working days were lost due to ill health in the UK in 2014-2015. That’s a statistic with huge financial implications both for the country and for the businesses affected. Stress, depression and back pain are amongst the biggest causes of sick days, the effects of which can all be reduced by promoting health-consciousness and healthy lifestyles at work.

Offering fresh fruit is a very small piece of the puzzle, but it’s a great way to kick off promoting well-being in your office. Eating well can be a trigger which encourages staff to invest more in their health and fitness. Equally, while high sugar, high fat snacks like chocolate and crisps causes peaks of energy followed by crashes which leave you feeling tired out, fruit creates a longer burst of sustained energy, which won’t cause tiredness or lethargy after the fact.

This isn’t just great for helping keep up productivity levels, it can also make staff feel more energetic after hours, ideal for socialising and exercising which can both reduce stress and improve depression. Fruit may not be a cure all or a silver bullet, but you may be surprised by the effect it can have on health at your place of work.

Motivated staff

The recent “Great Fruit Experiment” conducted by Fruitful Office revealed that 79% of employees offered free fruit at work felt more valued by their employer as a result. Fruit isn’t just about health – it’s also about demonstrating your appreciation of your team and ensuring they feel noticed and cared about. This type of positivity and good working relationship won’t just ensure staff go the extra mile, it also reduces staff attrition, helping your business keep hold of its top talent.

Blossoming brands

These engaged, happy staff are also more likely to create a great impression of your business. Whether they’re working with clients and bubbling with enthusiasm, or tweeting about a great day at the office, happy staff are a great brand booster. Equally, presenting your business as a company that cares can really impress leads, contacts and clients. Nurturing a “free fruit culture” will demonstrate your positive, proactive ethos to the people who matter to your business.

Have you introduced any new measures to improve workplace happiness and health? What was the effect? Share your stories and tips with other readers below.