Gear up for Post-Thanksgiving Shopping with Some Amazing Black Friday Apps that Promise Financial Gains


Thanksgiving is knocking at the door so it is high time you did some concrete planning for your post-Thanksgiving shopping. In a recent survey this year, 85% of the respondents admitted that they would be celebrating Thanksgiving with their family. Thanksgiving celebrations are never complete without Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping. Let us explore some financial apps that would help you survive the Thanksgiving weekend shopping spree with some great deals in your pocket.

In a recent survey that covered 3,600 smartphone users who often use their smartphones for banking and shopping, it was revealed that 18 percent of the users used their smartphones for budgeting and 69 percent of them agreed with the conviction that budgeting apps have actually, brought about a radical change in their spending style or habits. Let us explore a spectrum of effective Black Friday apps that help you in keeping track of ads, comparing prices, clipping coupons etc. You could use just a few of these apps for ensuring smooth sailing during the post-Thanksgiving shopping spree.

It is best to stay away from crowded high streets instead do your holiday shopping using some of the best tablet and smartphone apps. Opening shop on Thanksgiving Day had initially become a popular retail trend since 2011. Walmart opened at 8 P.M. in 2012 when numerous other reputed stores started opening for the shopping extravaganza on Black Friday after midnight.  According to, the findings of a survey that was conducted in October 2018 in the U.S.A. revealed that 35 percent of the total respondents actually admitted that they would be visiting one or maximum a couple of different stores for shopping on Black Friday in 2018.

During the survey, 42 percent of the respondents said that they would likely shop at discount or value department stores on Black Friday. As per the report published by ShopperTrak, the in-store Thanksgiving sales actually plunged by an expected 12.5 percent. We find that Black Friday sales also slumped by an expected 11.9 percent. According to, in 2016, mobile phone users were happy to browse from their devices, but most of the shopping was conducted from desktops and tablets. However, generally speaking, overall e-commerce sales are actually adversely impacting the holiday sales of the brick-and-mortar stores. Gear up for Thanksgiving shopping by eliminating your debts or managing them perfectly using reputed US national debt relief companies. Here are some amazing budgeting apps for keeping track of deals, finding alerts on items you wish to buy and a lot more. Moreover, some of these budgeting apps help you save money. If you are having a tough time and not managing to save money, you may consider the apps as automating the process could really work for you. With the holiday season about to kick in, it is high time you did some saving and budgeting.


Qapital is supposed to be a rule-based wise automatic savings app. You could start by linking it to specifically your checking account. You may then choose a savings objective and set up IFTTT rules for triggering the transfer of funds every time some specific task is performed. For instance, it could be putting $10 into your savings account every time you are shopping at Starbuck, Walmart, etc. You could consider setting a host of different rules like the popular handy freelancer rule that would be setting aside a specific percentage for tax on every occasion you get paid. Similarly, you could start getting alerts and would stop payments once cash is tight so that you could be prevented from getting overdrawn. You should start using this effective financial app months in advance so that you can do your Thanksgiving shopping without having to worry about funds. You should be having adequate savings thanks to this superlative app.


PocketGuard could be helping you by syncing seamlessly all your credit cards, bank accounts, loans, savings, and investments all in one place. This smart app could automatically create an appropriate budget for you based primarily on your general spending habits. Moreover, you could use this smart financial app for tracking your bills, income, subscriptions if any, and set your spending limits. You could examine if your financial goals are accomplished. Start using this app well in advance of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales so that you know whether to splurge or show some restraint. You should be having enough savings by Thanksgiving to pamper your loved ones. The best feature of this amazing financial app is the fact that it could effectively analyze if you are availing the best deals every month on all your monthly payments. It would further alert you regarding some undesirable bank fees or charges.


Get set for Thanksgiving celebrations by using Spendee well ahead of the time. Spendee is the best app if you are looking to understand your finances. You could track all spending thanks to Spendee and it helps you follow a budget so that you could save more and more money to spend during the holiday shopping. You may consider connecting Spendee directly to your specific bank account for tracking all your expenses. Moreover, you could consider creating a shared account preferably with your family members. Spendee supports multiple currencies.


Mint is supposed to be a comprehensive financial assistant just right for your phone. It helps in tracking all your bank activity to make sure that you could get an idea at just a glimpse where all your money is actually going. This app would be consistently checking your credit score; sending alerts regarding bill payments, and coming up with exhaustive budgeting choices that help you set financial objectives and examine your progress. Mint is known to offer both web and mobile apps and it comes free. Use Mint for a stress-free and debt-free Thanksgiving celebrations and shopping for the holiday season.


Dealnews provides relevant information regarding Black Friday sales and all ongoing deals offered by numerous retailers and websites. All you require doing is simply start using this app and then choose the stores you wish to visit. Once that is done, you would be having access to all their Black Friday ads and special deals. This app is specifically designed only for Black Friday for keeping an eye on fresh deals and special deals that could also be used for Cyber Monday.


SlickDeals is an app powered by a robust community comprising over 2 million members. SlickDeals offers some brilliant features that facilitate on-the-fly Post-Thanksgiving or Black Friday, as well as, Cyber Monday shopping. Members would be posting the best deals availed by them. SlickDeals is the right app for keeping track of on-the-spot deals which would be going out of stock in a jiffy.


If you are able to master post-Thanksgiving shopping with these apps, rest assured all your future shopping trips would be effortless. Be sure that you would never ever miss out on any deals even while you are heading to the store.