Good Business Names

Good Business Names

The most important step in any startup is ‘naming the startup’. This step becomes most important one as the name given to the startup will become the identity of the business and customers will connect with the business with the help of the company name.

There is no computer generated program available to generate a good company name that will be compatible with the business of the owner but one has to sit down and scratch his or her brain or take a close friend or family members help to come out with something that appeals to the customers.

If we think of some real life examples with good names, then companies like Infosys,Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and many more. A main benefit of a good company name is that people connect with their products very well. For example, the popular Microsoft Windows operating system or  the huge number of active users on facebook and twitter and the commonly used term’ friends on facebook’ or ‘followers on twitter’ demonstrate the importance of a good company name.

However there is no particular ground rule to decide on your company name, here are a few points which one can take into consideration while coming up with a name. The name should be unique so that the customers and the stakeholders are able to differentiate it from the others.

It should be simple so that people remember and get connected with the company name quickly. Avoid the use of unusual English words as this will create difficulty when people try to find about your business on the internet search engines.

The most important rule for any complicated task is ‘keep it simple’. The shorter the length of the name better are the chances that people will remember and retain it for a long time. Try to start your names with characters based on popular usage for example there are not many words with Z hence try to start your name with popular characters like A, D.

After deciding on a name it is recommended to check if the name doesn’t have an offensive meaning in other languages as today in the world of globalization, no business is restricted to its country of origin’s border.

The business is growing online; hence it is important for a business to hold a good website registered with the same domain name on the internet. The World Wide Web is growing at a rapid pace and this has a disadvantage since thepopular names are already taken. Hence it is recommended that before zeroing down on a name, one should check if the domain name is available.

One should opt for a name which will provide people with some clues about what his or her business is all about.  For example the name Burger King will be an easy guess for the customers to understand that it is related to burgers and is a fast food joint.

Lastly, it is always recommended to come with a few more alternatives for choices of names and take advice from your colleagues, close friends and family members before finalizing one name.