The Growth of DIY App Builder Platforms

The Growth of DIY App Builder Platforms

Many small and medium sized businesses are looking for effective ways to connect with customers digitally. Most business owners also want a fast and effective way of managing their business and customer’s expectations. With the growth of Smartphone adoption, mobile apps have become the new necessity for many businesses, and with the rise of DIY app builder platforms like AppInstitute app builder, it is now possible for businesses who may not have had the the technical skill or budget to create an app previously, to do so.

The no code approach and reliability it gives to businesses are only a few of the great ways why the app builder is used by many company and organizations. The fastest way of leveling up a business depends on the fast and effective function it makes to serve business operations and all the clients.

Comparison of App Builder Technology to WordPress and other sites

Templates and Components

WordPress offers a wide variety of templates, widgets and much more. On the other hand, if you are an app maker and like to use app templates and components, the DIY builder platform provides you with app templates and components that would improve the managing and functionality of your business in a successful way.


The DIY app builder requires no software to be downloaded, simply access from a desktop or tablet to create iOS and Android apps. WordPress and other sites might be difficult to apply on these mobile devices. Hence, when a company needs an app maker to level its business functions, the DIY app builder could get the job done right.

Code Platforms

The DIY app builder doesn’t have to deal with code platforms due to its no code approach. In this way, it would be easier to manage the function of the company compared to the WordPress that still needs a source code.

Time Efficiency

Most sites claim it has the best time in completing the job. However, with DIY app builder, most companies have a sure way of having a fast time of finishing any kind of projects.


  • Cost effective in using more apps in the business. With the app maker, you have the best way of reducing the cost of using more apps.
  • Time efficient in performing the functions of the company in terms of sales and communicating with clients
  • The no code platforms would allow even the non-technical staff to handle it.
  • It helps organizations to meet the demands for apps.


  • Mostly used in blogging platforms and not used for the creation of websites.
  • The no approach system limits the use of effective functions in creating a website.
  • It is only suited for business functions and not for the use of the development of other websites.

In using the DIY app builder platform, you have a sure way of not only achieving success for your business but giving to make more developments in your business platform as well. The compatibility of the app maker to the use of androids and mobile devices creates a good way in utilizing your business platform also.

An app maker would be the best key to making sure your business is in the right track moat of the time. Hence, many organizations are using it while some are against it.