Campaign Monitor is a platform that gives everything to design beautiful and professional campaigns on email marketing and automation. It is designed with an end goal to make any business grow enormously within the scheduled time. Their specialized team helps in any strategic services and also provide technical support in email marketing and automation whenever required. They usually concentrate on the account setup and deliverability beyond the best practices with the customers.

Today’s marketers in the business are using automation and email marketing that encourage their business strategies to see the best results for promoting their services and products. All their automated emails are relevant and personalized. They are triggered by the time and date based on the subscriber’s action. Relevant content can be delivered to the subscriber with the automated services of Campaign Monitor.

In this article, how Campaign Monitor email marketing and automation work together and their benefits are clearly explained.

Combination of Email marketing and Automation:

It is the process of sending emails to the subscribers automatically in a way that they are triggered successfully.

Decide the content and rules, combine them and create an email to deliver ahead to the subscriber. It is necessary to decide the time to deliver the email, who the recipients are, what actually is to deliver. A trigger may be an action or date that must be decided before automation.

For example, the trigger can be adjusted to send a birthday wish on the subscriber’s birthday. Likewise, anything can be scheduled for triggering the action directly to the subscriber to attract them with the esteemed services and actions. It may be anything related to the services that the subscriber is more likely to click on.

The overall idea is to send the appropriate message to the subscriber at the time. For doing that, Campaign Monitor is fined up with the automation and email marketing methods and techniques.

Benefits of Email Marketing and automation:

Generally, the benefits of email marketing and automation are more. Here are a few important perks of email marketing and automation.

  1. Save time  

If both the email marketing and automation are combined together, the value of the business increases with time. Sending emails traditionally and manually takes more time and risk. To avoid such drawbacks, combining email marketing with automation is the best solution. It reduces manually pushing of emails in different campaigns each time.

  1. Increase response rates

Every business wants their email promotion to be successful and the recent research shows that the impact on the response rates while automating the emails is more. It is known that the automated emails have an average of 70.5% increased open rates and 152% click-through rates than usual emails.

  1. Increase revenue

Every business has many goals in email marketing that drives sales and revenue which cannot be ignored. Most of the potential customers and subscribers are obtained by automating the email campaigns. Around 21% of revenue for the business is increased by the email marketing which would be considered as the best way to increase their sales.

  1. Send more consistent emails

Using automation and email marketing together sometimes may instantly have changes in the consistency of the emails. When certain emails are tailored to individuals or groups, there is a better chance of obtaining better results if they are automated. In a research, it is shown that 133% of the automated emails are sent to the customers that match the certainties to purchase.

Below are the different types of emails that are sent with email marketing and automation together:

  1. Welcome emails

They usually produce a significant open rate. It is said that 57.6% of open rate hovers for welcome emails while 14.6% for manual emails. It takes time to send emails to the new users in the business. Email automation can hassle out the process of manually sending emails. Campaign Monitor has that premade welcome messages prepared initially to send it to the new users automatically. They are used to trigger at an appropriate time in the user’s inbox.

  1. Onboarding or Educational Emails

Onboarding or educational emails include introductory messages for the new subscribers. It may be of any service or product. The main use of these email campaigns is to encourage customers to use the product. These are batched emails that educate the users about the services or products. Onboarding emails in Campaign Monitor help the newest customers to start easily.

  1. Service reminder

To reduce missing out appointments and tasks, encourage folks to use services and products, automated reminder messages can be helpful. Many businesses provide trial options for their products or services, if the user completes the trail time, they should be notified with a reminder. Intimating it in terms of automated reminder emails can be beneficial. Tune-ups and service generate revenue which brings back the customer.

  1. Birthday emails

Generally people like wishes. If those wishes are particular, they feel so special. Using marketing automation, birthday messages can be scheduled on or before the customer’s birthday. It is often interesting if the emails include any offers in it. Campaign Monitor has premade options for sending automated birthday emails to customers.

Features of Campaign Monitor:

  1. Campaign Monitor has an easy drag and drop builder that is useful in making the best emails that match the company brand. With their email builder, pixel-level customization in colors and fonts can be chosen as per the choice. They provide responsive mobile optimization for the emails so the campaign is run on any device. Campaign management has a terrific management of templates with respect to the team’s updates in style and information.
  2. Around 250,000 companies love Campaign Monitor while most of them are from Australia to Zimbabwe. Most of the companies in these areas opt Campaign Monitor for optimizing their email campaigns.
  3. They connect with different websites, business apps, and many eCommerce platforms that help them gain data which ensures to deliver successful emails. With marketing automation of Campaign Monitor, one can automate and engage customers with set-it and forget-it policy that tailors the interests and behavior of the customer. They follow a proper delivery strategy for time zone sending of emails. Their send time optimization enables to deliver individual email at the optimal time.
  1. With the deep reporting and A/B testing, the user can test and rely on what is working properly. It concentrates more on click-through rates, subject lines and many more that helps in delivering the professional and the best email.
  2. It allows setting the foundation for storing the data like interests, location, and gender to personalize the campaigns. There are many segmentation tools that exactly bring the exact audience with segmentation. Through their preference center, all the user’s contacts can have control with the data.
  3. They provide hints like adding subscribe button which easily helps in converting the online visitor to newsletter subscriber.

Beautiful landing pages and embedded forms can be designed with the Campaign Monitor form builder.  Signup registration form is one example for embedded forms.


However, Email marketing and automation have become one of the best practice in the present day online marketing. It is clear that many businesses who use these solutions can definitely reduce their time and manipulate their services quickly.