How to create a business name?

How to create a business name

First step towards creating a business name will be to brainstorm (use online tools such as Write Express’ Nameing Online, Dot-o-mator and Rhyme Zone) and think about what kind of product or service you have, think about the target audience when they hear your business name and the business name you have should resonate with the target audience to reach you and last but not the least always think about your competitors, what kind of names all your competitors have and then prepare a list of these names and then create a business name that should stand apart from all these names and should have all the qualities as mention above. Also, your business name should reflect your goals and mission statement.

Now, the next step to create a business name would be to enhance the creativity aspect of the business name. One of the important aspect to create business name would be that it should be easy to remember and even more easy to pronounce but without compromising the uniqueness of the name. The name should fit in the day-today operation of the business and it should send clear message that you are well aware of the possible connotations of your business and also how your business is perceived. Also, take care that business name that identifies exactly what you do may limit your future growth and therefore it is better that business name should be general so that in the near future you don’t have to revamp or revisit your business name.

Considering all the above factors create a business name not just one but keep few options and bounce these names in front of your family, friends, colleagues and if possible your potential clients and ask them what they felt about the name, take the feedback and improvise it. The business name is not just a name but it the brand of your business and think this name as marketing tool of your business, domain name and how this name will translate the business that you are creating in to a well known brand. Keep aside the shortlisted name for three- four days and return with a fresh perspective. After this short break you may feel good about the name you thought before or this may help you to re-consider the previous name and think about the new one.

Now after all this create a business name but check for the trademark i.e. make sure that no one in your business is using your business name and even if you are using this business name in some other business beware that it will create a atmosphere of confusion for you and as well for others. Check for the domain name and make sure that appropriate domain is available and if not available then you have re-consider your business name. Search the web and see that what else is there on net that has the same name as yours. If you find something that doesn’t mean that you cannot use this business but you should be aware of this information. If everything goes in your way then register your name as soon as possible and file your papers right away.