How To Design The Perfect Startup Office Environment

Many entrepreneurs focus on their goals, plans and processes when starting up their companies. While they should focus on these major elements, a lot of entrepreneurs fail to realize how valuable an impressive startup office is. They do not put the time and energy that they should into designing the perfect space. As an entrepreneur, you need to understand that your first office can either set you up for success or hinder it. If you want to impress your startup team, prospective employees and potential customers all at once, you need to set up a unique space. Keep reading to learn how to design the perfect startup office.

Visualize An Impressive Entrance Area

To begin designing the perfect startup office for your team, visualize an impressive entrance area. Consider what you want people to see when they first walk in. Most startups want people to know what their company name is right away. They put up professionally made signs to achieve this. Also consider incorporating special elements that are unique to your company. For instance, if you already have company colors, incorporate them into your sign and/or your entrance wall. If you have a logo, consider displaying that. Take a look at other companies’ office entrances to visualize one of your own. Then, you will be on your way to designing the perfect startup office.

Evaluate Noise Level

Once you establish what your ideal entrance area will look like, evaluate the noise level of your office. If you can hear your neighbor speaking through the walls or the ongoing construction being done outside, you need to invest in noise-canceling items. This is an often-forgotten yet crucial step, which is why you should complete it early on in your office design process. The best noise-canceling products include new walls and doors made to keep outside noise out. You can also purchase less costly items such as dividers and new carpets to reduce disruptions. Because too many outside disruptions can lead to lower quality work, evaluating noise level is a necessary part of designing your first office.

Buy Basic Furniture First

Additionally, start off by purchasing your basic furniture first. Many entrepreneurs get too excited when they rent out their first office spaces. They end up buying more furniture than they need and often more furniture than they can fit in their offices. Because of this, they struggle to choose a good layout for their space. When you buy a smaller amount of furniture pieces first, you have the flexibility to experiment with different layouts. While you do not want to buy too much furniture at once, you should purchase pieces that fit your brand image. For instance, if you are launching a new boot company in Texas, look for western-style furniture. According to the ROSI Office Systems designers, “When it comes to office furniture, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. The best office furniture for one Houston area business may not be a good fit for another.” There are plenty of places to purchase office furniture in Houston and other popular cities in the state. Buy basic furniture that matches your brand image to design the perfect startup office design.

Collaborate With Your Team

A great strategy for getting design ideas is to collaborate with your team. In doing so, you make your team members feel included and appreciated. At the same time, you gain insight into what your team needs to perform well. Ask your startup team about how they like to work. Some teams work better in collaborative, open environments. Others need their own designated spaces to stay on task. These professionals usually prefer working in cubicles. By collaborating with your team, you increase your chances of laying out your office effectively. You also learn what additional furniture you need to purchase, which is yet another reason to take this step when designing your startup office.

Consider Your Target Market’s Preferences

Furthermore, consider your target market’s preferences. After all, you do want to impress them when they visit your office. If you do not plan to have your customers visit for meetings, you can still use your space to promote your brand. Consider showing consumers your space on social media. They usually respond well when businesses use social tools such as Instagram stories. Consumers enjoy seeing what companies are like behind closed doors. Show your followers what your employees do and what your day-to-day life as an entrepreneur looks like. You can take Instagram stories of your team’s projects and purposefully incorporate your office design into the videos. Keep this opportunity in mind to ensure that you design a marketable office for your startup.

While you do need to focus on your startup goals and plans, you also need to learn how to set up an impressive office. Begin with the first place that people will see when they enter your office. After you visualize your ideal entrance area, evaluate the noise level and purchase items to cancel the noise if necessary. Instead of purchasing all furniture that you could possibly use, buy only the necessary pieces. Ask your team for their thoughts on your office’s design. Lastly, keep your target audience’s preferences in mind. Follow these steps to design the perfect startup office.