How to earn 7 figures through brand-building in e-commerce


E-commerce has developed for about 30 years. Due to its profitability, plenty of sellers have rushed into the e-commerce market. In some degree, the market is saturated, what would make you stand out in such challenging times? The only answer to it is brand-building.

A stronger brand can build a powerful reinforcement between you and consumers. It helps create customer loyalty, plus differentiate you and other competitors. People remember the brand for its signification. If the brand correctly conveys its higher values, people would charge the item for a higher price. As it is observed, people would buy an iPhone at 999 dollars for its founder stressed its revolution, that is, the brand value it creates.

How to build a successful brand in e-commerce?

Conduct market research

Make a position and find your targets. If you are a newbie in your business field and do not know how to figure out the market. Then make a thorough research on the competitors. Keep in mind what are points to differentiate your brands and other rivals. Brand positioning involves having a clear idea of whom your target audiences are, what physical association you want your audiences to have when thinking of our brands and how you would implement marketing strategies. In the first phase of your business, concentrate on target niche audience. With the growth of brand loyalty, you might expand your reach.

Establish your website

Your brand website is where your customers most frequent visit it to learn about your brand. On other e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, though offering a great volume of traffic, you can’t customize your unique stores to educate people and to convince the consumers to buy from you. User experience has to be exceptional, including website design and content writing. In the upcoming holidays, you could hold fans event on the official website to strengthen your relationship with your audiences. Make good use of SEO and generate organic traffic to your website.

Include social media in your promotional strategy

In the 21st century, social media is a practical tool to increase brand exposure and grow brand awareness. Update your social media account routinely with pictures and videos that would connect your brand to your audiences and make engagements. Most audiences decide to buy when they are browsing the brand, and especially when they notice some influencers are using the products. Another brand-building opportunities in brand promotion are precise advertising in social media and websites with large traffic, which serves as an amplification gadget to publicize the content.

Order fulfillment is an important link to improve your brand awareness.

And the last factor is the brand image of your products, which might be missed out by many e-commerce owners. Every brand has its value proposition and messaging statements. What it first appears to customers would have a deeper effect on consumers’ first impression, which makes a part of brand identity. Your consumers definitely would have favor on the brand when seeing the elaborated design with brand slogan and creative design on the surface of the packaging box. If you don’t wanna experience such complicated parts, from design to fulfillment, you’d better find a third party to accomplish this. Some order fulfillment company provides branding-friendly fulfillment strategies, from custom packaging, kitting and assembly to personalization. Every make of the packaging box caters for your needs building brands. For marketing purposes, kitting/assembly two or more products (with different SKU) into one package helps brand starts-up to speed up inventory turnover. And for holiday marketing, you can put consumer’s number on a mailbox or add name initials on bags. Last, a reliable partner protects your intellectual property from being stolen.

Brand-building is the undeniable trend in a modern e-commerce business. It serves as an intangible equity allowing premium pricing and differential advantages. In the process of brand-building, always be detail-oriented to develop a consistent brand tone and transform your brand into a successful competitor. Therefore, earning 7 figures is not a hard nut.