How to Get Followers on Instagram for Free


Nowadays, social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. is the fiercely competed platform for making money. At this point, undoubtedly, Instagram is the most influential. The more followers you have, the greater the reach and results of your Instagram account will get.

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Follow this guide to see how to hack followers on Instagram for free and with ease.

Try an Instagram followers apk.

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5. Do Follow-task
6. Do Like-task

Choose the best time to post

After you get free Instagram followers from GetInsta, you need to post at good time. Not every time is a good time to post. See your statistics to know when users connect the most. 


Post content frequently

In social networks there is a basic premise: publish only quality content. Before posting anything ask yourself: “Will this content achieve its goal?” If in doubt, don’t post it.

As for the frequency of publication, my advice is between 3 or 5 publications a week and 5 or 7 stories. It depends on the ability to generate content that we have. If you are food influencers and you publish the process of preparing a recipe in your stories, obviously the number will be much higher. And it is totally valid!

Bet on creativity and design on your wall

Your feed or wall is your business card. And on Instagram a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, take good care of the visual aspects of your Instagram, both as a whole and each image by itself.

On Instagram a picture is worth a thousand words. Take care of your account feed!

Work the stories.

There are more and more tools that stories offer us to generate interactions: surveys, questions, questionnaires … The more your followers interact with your stories, the more possibilities they will have to later see your publications.


Regarding the use of hashtag, it is very important to choose the appropriate ones, those that generate the most visibility and not include more than 10 in the posts or copy or paste them each time from another post. You have to write them by hand each time.

In any case, it is important to note that it is not necessary to pay anything to grow an Instagram account. Just liking and following the accounts that GetInsta recommends is more than enough to accumulate hundreds of coins in a few days and exchange them for followers.