How to Improve Your Employability Skills


Employability skills are traits that make you a suitable candidate for a job. Whether you’re hoping to become an employee or even market yourself as a successful partner in a business, having a good selection of traits is key. If you have been out of work for some time or are even looking to change your career path in the near future, you may be hoping to find out more about what actually makes a great candidate. Of course, all different industries require an array of requirements, but there are certain necessities that are more or less universal in any business. If you wish to give yourself the very best chance to impress, what can you do to become the best employee or business partner?

·       Advance your education

There is never a time to stop learning. Studying further allows you to take on new information that will open the mind to new ideas and possibilities. Not only will it give you a sense of fulfilment, but studying will also show potential employers that you’re dedicated to developing your professional knowledge and achieving new goals. There are many different education opportunities you could take into consideration. You could study an online MBE degree at the likes of, or you may decide to apply for an internship in a field you’re interested in. You could even enroll onto a short course that will give you some basic knowledge and background information on working in a certain industry.

·       Organizational skills

Employers are keen to know that potential candidates are highly organized and focused on doing the very best job they can. Although it’s hard to prove your organizational skills during an interview without being able to physically show the employer what you’re capable of, you can ensure you’re well-prepared beforehand. Take on a volunteering role to prove that you’re responsible without getting paid a wage, or take a portfolio of work you’ve completed that proves your organizational skills.

·       Communication

Regardless of the industry you’re applying for, being able to communicate both verbally and in written form is essential in every business type. This is due to the fact that you have to be able to work well with fellow employees and have the ability to deal with clients calmly and efficiently. You can improve your communication skillset by volunteering yourself to take on public speaking engagements, workplace presentations, or even become a group leader at societies or events. You may also wish to take proof of written emails to an interview which shows how you have dealt with certain situations to deliver the best outcome.

·       Self-motivated

While employers should be the main motivator in employee engagement, they’re certainly keen to hire employees who are self-motivated. You should have the ambition of developing your own personal and professional goals and have a clear focus about what you’re looking to achieve. Employers are keen to see that you take your work seriously and have the intention of working your way up the company. During the interview, stress the importance of time management and how you were able to deal with pressures that have been thrown your way.