How to Increase Workplace Productivity


Creating productivity in offices will accomplish a greater sign of experience and stability. Nowadays, people working in big companies and organizations look for strong interpersonal skills that bring out excellence in the team. The tasks that are united with the activities in the workplace are confined to different procedures and programs.

To drag the creative performance in the workplace, the below are the ways to follow:

  1. Obey two-minute rule

Two-Minute-Rule says completing the prescribed task within 1 or 2 minutes to make the most complicated tasks simple and effective.This creates a way for the next task knowing the results quickly. Most of the content strategists implement this to reduce their work pressure in contact with their next scheduled work.

  1. Periodical Meetings

Practically, there are so many employees who don’t have an idea of what to do after a meeting. This takes place because of lengthy meetings that make employees doze off their interest. So enabling a short meeting within minutes of time can help them hold their interest and work effectively. Precisely, these meetings should have a timeline and agenda to stick with particular important tasks which make clients and employees stay attentive.

  1. Social Media

Social Media is said to be a distraction nowadays but using it in a proper way can help in communicating and interacting co-employees and clients. 60% of people take support from social media networks in case of decision-making by means of likes, shares, comments and so on.

Connecting people and clients helps in building a strong relationships. With the improved relationship status, people are more likely to collaborate and work sincerely. The only thing to concentrate on is to link social media to work within proper security. Set some expectations and limits to hold employees.

  1. Reward and Motivate

In most of the organizations, employees are not been appreciated for their job. This results in morale dropping. So it is suggested to motivate employees to their best and reward their abilities with bonuses and value their stress accordingly. If anything goes mischievous, stay silent and recognize their efforts at the end. Not only rewards but offers can also be given in terms of leaves and OTs.

  1. Be authentic

Responding and participating in every meeting that winds up with the actual work is important when planning to increase productivity. While most of the entrepreneurs take the risk in handling all the duties striving for the productivity in the market. However, many big companies employee managers separately to handle such interpretations. They determine the daily activities and results according to the time.


To increase workplace productivity with enabled interaction and enthusiasm, every business owner or entrepreneurs should definitely keep a note of the above-discussed points. A clear infographics picture is attached for reference, please do check by