How to Name Your Blog?

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Naming Your Blog

What should the first step when you are determined to start your own blog? The answer is not very difficult to predict but very difficult to decide on. Talking directly it is choosing a blog name! It is one of most important factor related to your blog; it does the whole branding for you. Well just like naming a website, naming your blog is somewhat related to what the blog is all about. If it is to make money, it should have a name that strikes people’s memory whereas if it is just a medium for self-expression, it can be as abstract and as meaningful depending upon your personality. Few characteristics that are a must for the domain name for your blog are:

1)      Original

2)      Concise

3)      Easy to remember

4)      Easy to spell and pronounce

What’s in a name is too passé these days. Below are the steps to be followed in order to get a successful name for your blog:

a)      What is it about: Here you have to find out what your blog is all about? The theme, purpose, highlight of the blog. It is a fact that a blog may contain several articles but then you have to decide upon the central idea, the heart that links all other stuff and then decide on naming your blog. Choosing a blog name referring to the central idea not only makes the blog more organized but also more easily available to the target audiences. What can sabotage your chances of being a good blogger is over usage of keywords from the blog. Avoid that.

b)      Look for available domain names: The domain name for your blog should go with the name of your blog. The domain name can either be ending with a .com or .net in case you host it yourself. However if you are looking for a free hosting blog site, go for Blogger or WordPress there you will have ample data the domain names that are available through their own systems.

c)       Research your rivals: In order to prevent yourself from any type of allegations of plagiarism, see and analyze your rival’s blog on the related or same topic.A website that can be used for checking availability online is which searches every social media site for available names. Giving your blog an entirely new name increases the chances of it being taken by someone else. You have to try making it as creative as possible; it should stand out when someone takes yours and your rival’s blog name. Also, in order to make it different from others try attaching iconic graphics with the name. It increases the viewership.

d)      Refer to your blog topic, company and business: Naming a blog as something your business speaks about, name of your business or a word popular in your blog. Avoid making it too lengthy. Though length is not really a very important criterion, try limiting the name of your blog to a maximum of two words.

e)      Focus on the effectiveness of your blog: the name of your blog must emphasize on the effectiveness of the blog. Simple names like “Snacks in 10 minutes”, “Health for Men” etc are self-explanatory and are easy to remember though not very happening or new.

f)       Ask your reference group: Take suggestions from your trustworthy people like family, friends, peers, and associates for choosing the best name for your blog. The best way would be to call a friend and tell him the name if he asks you for it again you need to wear your thinking cap again, if he understood it easily, it is a bang on for you.

g)      Choose a domain as soon as possible: Right after deciding the name of your blog the next step should be buying a domain for your blog or registering on a free one. It gives you a surety that the name that you have chosen is not been taken up by someone else.

h)       Google way: Another popular tool that can be used to decide on a decent blog name is the Google tool.

i)        Avoid clichés: Words like central, thoughts, idea, blog are all trap words and are very generic. If you have decided to take up SEO friendly names. Here generic and not descriptive enough may go against the business and,backfire. Names like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are different and therefore have a higher brand recall value. Drop the “the” and be very careful while giving grammatically incorrect words. An example would be Whatever the spelling may be the name should be pronounceable.

j)        Naming a blog that starts with the early alphabets: To increase the viewership of your blog to tenfold try naming it with a word or phrase starting with A,B,C or D. These are the first letters of the alphabetic series and appear the first than other. Hence if the name of your blog starts with a T, there are high chances that yours will be seen later.

k)      Meaningful it should be: This needs no explanations that your blog name is meaningful and easy to understand. As soon as the reader looks at the name or hears about it they should have the idea about what your blog is all about.

Therefore take time to come at a conclusion and decide a name, use the internet and never rush in while naming your blog. Don’t immediately start naming a blog as soon as you decide to make one.Sit and think about it for a few days and then name. In case you have a dilemma between choosing two names, design the related graphic and choose the name whose graphic image is better. After all your blog name is a representation of both you and your blog. With the domains of high quality, increased competition and difficult availability of names, naming your blog becomes challenging. If you follow the above tips or steps while naming your own blog, success will follow.