How to Set Your Home Photography Studio

If you are a photographer, you probably dream of having your own studio. And why not? It’s actually very liberating to be independent and set your own rules of the game and work in the comfort of your home. But what does it take to set up your own home photo studio? If that question sends you into a state of uneasy frenzy – cool your jets. It turns out it’s not that hard to get started on your own studio. And we are here to prove it. So let’s have a look at a few steps that will lead you to your dream place.

Decide on the Type of Serviced You’ll Provide

First and furthermost choose the type of photography that you’ll focus on primarily because this decision will shape your studio on the whole. Would you create stunning infant baby photos? Or would your field of interest be food photography? 

If your beginnings are somewhat humble, you may start with ID photography. First of all, you’ll never go out of business because people will always need decent passports and visa photos. Besides, this type of photography is relatively inexpensive. You just need your camera, a few roll-down backdrops, and convenient software. You can go with Passport Photo Maker – this program is quite affordable and is equipped with myriads of ID photo templates that would allow you to create perfect credentials pictures in no time.  

Find the Spot for Your Studio

Now decide what room of your habitat will be reassigned as your home photography studio. Pick a room with large windows so that you’d have enough natural light. The rooms should also be big enough to set up sources of artificial light. Make sure that your new studio will fit all the people that might be involved in the photoshoot. By no means set up a studio inside your house without your family’s consent. And if you got it, make it clear that the designated room is off-limits at all times, especially when you are working. Make your family as comfortable as possible by not leaving gear and cords lying around the house. 

Get the Basic Photo Studio Setup

Now let’s furnish your little cave. Start with lights, reflectors, and lighting modifiers. Each light you’ll get will require a light stand as well. A flash trigger will be a nice investment as well. You might also need a step ladder (both for an interesting shooting angle and for managing the lights). If you’ll primarily work in portrait photography, you might consider getting furniture for people to sit on and fans for a fancy effect. Power strips and extension cords should also be on your shopping list.

Prepare Backgrounds and Props

Whether you’ll deal with ID photos or glam pics, you’ll need to shoot them against some background. And no, those flowery wallpapers won’t do. If your budget allows it, invest in some quality vinyl or paper backgrounds that would give your images a pro vibe. But keep in mind that those things are heavy and quite sizable. To save some space and money, get yourself collapsible backgrounds – they’ll do for a time being. Get props for your studio, based on your choice of genre. You might find peculiar items at flea markets. 

Create a Business Plan

Once you set up your home studio you are fit to call yourself an entrepreneur. That is why before you snap your first picture, you need to settle down legal matters. Decide on the type of business you’d be running, get a name for your studio, then register it.  

Market Your Home Studio

To begin to properly function as a photo studio, you need to get the word around. Since you probably won’t be able to hang a neon sign on your house, consider social media a marketing platform. You can also offer your services on Craigslist or create a website. Recruit your friends and relatives to start the word of mouth thing going. 

Well, you see – setting up your own home studio is a doable and manageable thing. All you need is a bit of dedication, a drop of courage, as well as some reasonable investments, of course. So go ahead and make your dream of a home studio come true.