How to Start Your Own Subscription Box Company

Businessman pressing an Startup concept button.

Subscription box companies have become incredibly popular in recent years. In 2021, subscription box companies made over $768 billion in revenue, with sales being up over 100 billion dollars compared to 2020. 

People have continued seeking out subscription boxes for numerous reasons, whether it’s for gift-giving, snack deliveries, or pet products, the most attractive feature of subscription box companies to the public is the convenience they offer. Consumers search for subscription boxes that fit their niche needs and trust that the company they choose will deliver on their expectations. 

Your subscription box company can offer a stable financial model due to the recurring monthly revenue you’ll receive. But with nearly 70% of all ecommerce subscription box companies existing within the United States alone, there’s a high chance you’re going to have some competition. The following tips can help you start your own subscription box company and ensure you set your business on a path to success. 

Find Your Niche

You shouldn’t start your subscription box company until you’ve found your niche. Your niche is the specific portion of the market your company is going to fulfill a spot within. For example, say you’re interested in creating a subscription box company for protein powder. What would distinguish your protein powder from all the others? The product it’s made from, or how much protein it holds, or maybe it’s vegan; whatever it is that’s different from the other options available to the public, that is your niche. Once you’ve distinguished your niche, you’re ready to get started. 

Prioritize Marketing & SEO 

According to HexaGroup, an SEO marketing company in Houston TX, strong marketing techniques, including search engine optimization (SEO), are pivotal to the initial execution and continued growth of your subscription box company. There are numerous angles to take when coming up with a marketing plan, but utilizing SEO is a given for any ecommerce business. When setting up your website, focus on your SEO.

Strong search engine optimization ensures your website for your subscription box gets seen higher on search engine lists and by the most interested audience. Narrow down what your target audience will be searching for when looking for products such as yours and align your SEO with those findings. Marketing your subscription box can be done in many ways. However, some of the more successful tactics to use are social media marketing, motivating referrals, and email marketing updates. 

Utilize Social Media 

Ensure that you have a profile on at least one social media platform before you open your subscription box company. Social media provides the perfect landscape for you to engage with customers and market your product. Use your social media profile for more than posting what you currently have listed for sale. Encourage your customers to post their subscription boxes and tag your page. This way you can share user-generated content. 

User-generated content is almost better than paid advertising sometimes, as people trust people they know. If your close friend is suggesting a subscription box on her Instagram story, chances are you’ll at least check the page out. Make sure your social media pages are updated with all contact information for your subscription box company.  

Lastly, think about running at least a few paid ads a month through your social media platforms. These can be helpful when first launching a subscription box company, as they will get your product in front of more viewers and increase your traffic. 

Partner With Bloggers

Another way to reach larger audiences is to partner with bloggers who align with your subscription box company’s niche. People trust and listen to the suggestions of the people they follow on social media, even when they disclose they’re being paid for advertising. These partnerships can help grow your traffic and subscription rate. Have the bloggers tag your product on social media so their followers can go directly to the source. 

One tactic that has been proven to be successful when working with bloggers is giving discount deals to individual bloggers for them to share with their audiences. These deals are beneficial because people are more likely to try a subscription box with a discount code, and bloggers with more influence will be more interested in working with companies that offer them some extra benefits.