How To Use Guest Posting For Getting Natural Backlinks


The condition of your backlink profile is essential both in terms of the success of your SEO strategy and Google rating. You have to analyze the profile every now and then, delete all the redundant, spammy links, and get new credible ones.

But how to do it? There are so many ways to get links, starting from finding unlinked mentions and finishing with paid collaborations. One way is particularly fruitful, and it’s guest posting. 

It’s a process that involves writing engaging articles on your topic, providing advice, information, and expertise, putting a backlink to your website there, and submitting it to another credible blog or website.

This can be a paid collaboration, a free mutual promotion, or just a response to an offer. But how to make sure you get a natural backlink using guest blogging?

Let’s dive into the intricacies of submitting articles to a guest blog! Particularly, we’ll talk about the 4 main ways to insert a backlink into a guest post naturally.

Post a Backlink as an Expert Opinion

Usually, blogs that accept guest posts are open to multiple ways of inserting backlinks. As states, there are many methods of monetizing a blog, and one of them is cooperating with businesses, allowing them to post guest publications with linked mentions.

For instance, whether you own a blog or a business website, you have a niche, right? There are certain things you know a lot about. Your knowledge presents an amazing opportunity to mention your website with an anchor like the name of the company or expert. Share your opinion on the topic and get one of the most natural backlinks on the profile.

Here are some recommendations on the method:

  • Be professional, use appropriate language;
  • Still, make the part easy to understand for non-professionals;
  • Be concise;
  • Include the link naturally before or after the saying.

You can choose the following anchors:

  • Your name;
  • The name of an expert working for you (with consent, of course);
  • The name of the company;
  • Your domain;
  • A post in the company.

This approach achieves several goals. First of all, you’re establishing authority with high-quality, clear information on the topic. Then, you’re also promoting yourself and the company. And finally, you get a backlink that will draw traffic to the website and increase your ranking in Google.

Post a Backlink as a Recommended Post

What is a recommended post?

It’s either a block near the current article or a brief interruption of it with the words like “Also read:”, “Recommended article on the topic:”, etc. The exact format depends on the website and the cooperation you’re having. 

If you’re just writing a guest post, it’s better to use the second option. Break down the article with interruptions relevant to the topic. Use the exact name of the article you’re referring to as the anchor. 

Thus, you can include multiple links in one article, getting more traffic to several pages and improving their authority and ratings. This method always looks natural if the publications you mention are relevant to the topic of the guest post.

Post a Backlink as a Part of a List

Another easy way to get natural SEO backlinks is to put one as a part of a list. The possibilities are endless. You can list:

  • Useful digital tools in your niche;
  • Methods of achieving a goal;
  • Products;
  • Services;
  • Types of products or services, etc.

For example, professionals from often use backlinks to the websites they work for as a 2nd-3rd point on the list. This puts the sites they promote among the leaders in the industry.

Post a Backlink in the Writer’s Bio

What is a writer’s bio? Some publications contain a small paragraph about the author. Such a maneuver establishes authority and trust. Besides, you can find it as a great opportunity to include a backlink.

Write a little about yourself and mention why the readers should trust you. It can be a rich experience in the industry or the best projects you’ve launched. You make your name, the name of the brand, or the website domain your anchor.

Use Guest Posting Opportunities Wisely

The best way to get natural backlinks is to write them in guest posts organically. We’re talking about manual backlinking now. Invest in a great link-building service, hire a great copywriter who knows how your business works and how to write successful articles.

Analyze your profile, make it as efficient as possible with new credible links. And make sure every mention of your company is natural and honest. If its services are great, mention it; if you’re a thought leader, mention it along with your exclusive opinions. Promote, market, and showcase your benefits, and the right audience will come to you.