An essay is a type of paper on the translation of the author’s opinion of a problem. In other words, the essay is written free because it contains the author’s opinion. Direct essays are written in narrative format. As much as possible avoid bullet or numbering when necessary, we can add other images and references that support argumentation or reinforce the facts by including the source. Usually essays are written along 250-1500 words.

Things to consider in writing an essay:
1. Conformity of theme with writing content
2. The power of opinions and arguments’
3. Creativity and sharpness of ideas
Elements of the essay
1. Introduction or abstraction serves to describe the content of the essay to the reader. This is the part where we can answer questions and provide a summary and argument content. Tell the readers what your argument is and be sure it is the right answer. Make a brief and solid abstraction but do not forget to display all the ideas and ideas in it. Abstraction usually contains definitions, etymology, background, etc.
2. Content / ideas / discussion, which contains the ideas and opinions of the author with a strong argument and coupled with insights and thinking creativity. This will strengthen the essay we write. If necessary provide the solution or problem solving that is being addressed.
3. Conclusions, which contain summaries covering the entire contents of the essay. In creating the conclusion, avoid the use of the same sentence with the previous sections.
The stages

Stage of theme analysis
Use the identification of the key words in the theme we want to write, then what the analysis is about the output of the scope of the theme.
Stage of data observation & idea development
In making observations; avoid wasting time that has nothing to do with the theme. Here are the considerations:
A) Is the used data useful to my topic or idea?
B) Can this support my idea?
C) Do I have to read other things to answer questions from the essay?
Do not forget to record all references to either the title of the book, author’s name, date, publisher, and place of publication to be included in the reference list. Do not forget to refer the summary / note to the original author, to prevent plagiarism allegations. You may need a cheap custom essay service like

Stage of the idea and how to write the essay
Do not forget to create a skeleton to see if the structure of the essay is appropriate. Arrange essays in the most effective way to make yourself easier.

Stage of editing
If you still have a lot of time, it’s a good idea to leave the essay for a few days to get it right again. This will give us another viewpoint that we may find from the people around us.

Stage of reference

One more important part is not to forget to make references from the writing, because the problem is related to plagiarism. Write down all the books that have been used for the purpose of writing the essay. Write citations of important parts according to the desired style, for example in footnote form.

Stage of finishing

It is the final stage to make sure the cover is completed.