Influencer Marketing: The Top 10 Reasons Why it is the Next Great Thing

The work of business is changing quickly, especially in the past ten years or so, with the growth and use of social media platforms to get your brand out there and noticed.  As such, marketing needs to change with those times and is quickly doing so, namely with influencer marketing.  This is a new form of marketing in which potential customers decide whether or not to buy something based on another’s opinion – influencing their decision.  Influencer marketing is the coolest tool that professionals can use to make their brand reputable and reliable for customers browsing around.  Here are 10 reasons why it is raising to fame so quickly.

  1. It’s honest: The thing with influencer marketing is that it broadcasts itself to customers as being honest feedback. Most people reading or watching it understand that it’s bound to be promotional, or positive at least, but it’s also honest because it’s coming from a source that is not the company or the brand.  So, potential customers see it as an honest review and are more likely to believe what it advertises.
  2. It’s cheap or free: While few examples of this kind of marketing are completely free, it is definitely cheaper than traditional methods. Less money can be spent on expensive ads, and more can be spent on this new version of marketing, which is more effective in the long run with customers, anyway.
  3. It promotes socialization amongst customers and professionals: One of the perks of this kind of marketing is that it allows the brand and the customer to talk to each other, either through this influencer marketing, or directly. It builds up trust and a good reputation for the company its role in the world of business.  This is why it is often referred to as social media marketing, but because it is all about connecting through social media and marking lasting and realistic connections back and forth.
  4. SEO gets a boost: In any marketing, they key is to you SEO to get your product out there a little more. With influencer marketing, SEO gets a further boost through social media, bringing it far and wide and getting more business heading your way.  It promotes you through these keywords, and if you choose them correctly, more and more customers will use them without even realizing it, which makes them stronger.
  5. It’s creative: This is one of the biggest and best reasons that this kind of marketing is taking off, it is entirely creative and relies on celebrities and past customers to put their product forward and make it appealing. Creative marketing allows for the customer to see past the name and brand, which makes it much more trustworthy and reliable when looking to decide between you and the competition out there.  It shows, too, that you are all about changing with the times and developing your marketing strategy to be more effective.
  6. Replaces ads: This is critical. Ads are just annoying now, so much so that a lot of customers don’t even see them due to professional grade ad blockers that allow them to browse the internet free of those annoying flashing ads that pop up.  The ones that still manage to slip through are seen as annoying and most people won’t even remember them in a few seconds.  So, these will get rid of those ads that are never effective in the first place.
  7. It’s native to brand and customer: The thing about advertising and marketing is that you have to be reaching out to a customer in a way that they’re going to trust, and also make sure that this way is as closely connected to the brand as possible. There are programs like ProvenSEO that will give you the criteria to match up marketing with the customer as closely as possible so that the marketing technique is as effective as possible.  This is what influencer marketing brings to the table.
  8. Sales are much more likely: When a review or comment comes from a source that the customer trusts, a sale is going to be much more likely. This is because the customer sees the comments as trustworthy and reliable, instead of promotional material put forward by a company specifically to move units. It’s a human being that is giving their honest feedback on a brand, and a customer trusts that.
  9. It gives a wider audience: Working with social media gives companies bigger audiences to reach out to, and with SEO and big public figures thrown in with it, you can’t really beat that kind of positive exposure. It makes it the most reliable way to get your brand out there and talk to the people who matter, your clients.  It’s also easy to share with other people, a huge perk of social media channels.
  10. It makes the brand more trustworthy: When you are looking to make a positive impression on your audience, a lot of it comes from being a brand with a reputation that you can trust. Influencer marketing is a way to get that trust from customers who haven’t even heard of you before hand. It builds up you up as company who genuinely puts out the right content to promote themselves to a receiving audience.  In a where competition is steep, this is a great thing.

There are a lot of parts that need to come together to make sure that your brand is reputable and trustworthy, bu when you use influencer marketing as a tool for your brand, you are definitely making the perfect impression that is going to sell you as one of the best people and brands out there on the market.  You will be able to see the perks of using it in looking through these top ten tricks, but the future is going to tell the rest of them for you.  The key is to jump on the train now so that you can see them for yourself.