Inspiring stories of 5 entrepreneurs who got popularity and became rich on Social media

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Do you have any dream to become famous and make money??? Look at this article to get inspiration of how few people became rich and gained popularity through and on social media.

There are a lot of individuals who get their huge break on online through social media. Few turn out to be famous and few become rich. There are also few people who achieve both popularity and rich. One has to remember – When people become famous, they automatically become rich by presenting themselves and make money.

It is surprising that few platforms like YouTube, facebook, twitter, Instagram and few apps like Vine, Tumblr and many others have the ability to put the focus on talented people with knowledge in different disciplines.

Look at these inspiring entrepreneurs who became famous and rich on Social media,

1. Susan Boyle

Born On: April 1, 1961, United Kingdom

About: Susan Magdalane Boyle is a Scottish artist (singer) who came to worldwide consideration when she showed up as a challenger on the TV program Britain’s Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables. Her first collection was released in November 2009 and appeared as the main top of the line collection all around the world.


This 55-year-old lady from Scotland got to be known in Britain after the show disclosed, yet it was the bravery of the video from YouTube that in the end launch her voice over the globe.

Boyle was unemployed when the video of her was recorded, yet record executives all around began calling her in the wake of seeing the clasp. She immediately earned more than $8 million in publicizing and recording. She is really an extraordinary example and a phenomenal illustration to everyone who took a risk. She went up in front of audience, gave it all she had and the judges and the group of onlookers really wanted to remember her unimaginable ability as a best singer.

2.  Brittany Furlan

Born On: Sept 5, 1986, United States

About: Brittany Furlan is an American entertainer in comedy and web personality situated in Los Angeles, who is the most highly famous and followed female Vine star. She is Vine’s greatest female star, with more than 9 million followers. This yearning humorist rapidly developed when she began posting six-second comic drama portrays on Vine. A year ago, this handled her improvement bargain for a representation parody show to be delivered by Seth Green.


Regardless of what your abilities and talents are, if opportunities don’t appear to be imminent, have a go at bundling and conveying your thoughts in another organization. You never know when it may reverberate with another audience. She was proclaimed by Time magazine to be a standout amongst the most compelling individuals on the web. Furlan already attempted to break into TV before turning into a star on Vine. She is building up a representation satire show delivered by Seth Green and marked with substance system Endemol.

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3. Nash Grier

Born On: Dec 28, 1997, United States

About: Nash Grier is a US-born and raised teenager who turned out to be known for his online Vine features in mid 2013. He has a bigger number of supporters and followers than Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres. He is the second most famous youngster with a more seasoned sibling Will Grier who is a quarterback for the Florida Gators, a more youthful sibling Hayes who additionally posts vines. Nash Grier was a green bean at Davidson Day School when a mobile application called Vine was released. It allows individuals to post 6 second videos for other individuals to see. Grier began posting parody related videos for companions and kindred schoolmates.

Nash gier

Nash Grier found his ubiquity on Vine with senseless, entertaining, very nearly Jackass style six-second videos. In spite of the fact that he may not be a commonly recognized name, young ladies ages 12 to 20 know who he is, and just can’t get enough of him. Grier at present has almost 12 million devotees on Vine. His different numbers aren’t awful possibly: he has almost 8 million followers on Instagram, more than 4 million endorsers on YouTube and 4.7 million followers on Twitter. Grier can get $25,000 to $100,000 at any time when he links anything to his six-second clasps.

Note: Looks may not be everything, but rather they positively appear to help with some social media celebrities.

4. Alex Lee

 Born On: 1990, United States

 About: Did you ever saw a person getting accidental popularity? Do you think is that possible? Look at this person Alex Lee, who is likely the most famous Twitter star ever.

alex lee

The story of him to become famous is really interesting!! — He woke up at 7 for school. He like playing soccer. He got into inconvenience for not taking out the junk. His little room in Frisco, Tex., was a wreck: garments strewn everywhere throughout the floor, unmade bed, notices of a Mustang GT held tight the dividers. He had 144 Twitter adherents.

At that point on Sunday, Nov. 2, that all changed. In the wake of going to chapel, Alex’s dad dropped him off at 10 a.m. at the SuperTarget on Eldorado Parkway where he lives up to expectations. Alex checked in for his day of work, killed his cellphone as the battery was low, and took his place behind the money register.

A young lady snapped a photograph of Lee while he was working at a Target grocery store. This young lady was the friend of another young lady who really liked Lee. Really soon, an alternate Twitter user got this photograph on Tumblr and tweeted it out. That is the point at which the popularity of the photograph soar and got tweeted out more than 800,000 times in just a couple of hours. The hashtag #alexfromtarget then developed to unmistakable quality.

Lee was uninformed of the pattern until after he completed his day of work at work. The consideration immediately turned unpleasant, and individuals began appearing at his business to snap more photographs of him. In any case, it landed him an appearance on The Ellen Show, and he now has parts in a music feature and in addition a film. Demise dangers in any case, this story has a cheerful consummation.

This only goes to demonstrate to you that you never recognize what’s going to get on. Experimentation can prompt achievement in improbable spots.

5. Wedley Estime

 Born On: 1998, United States

 About: Even athletes have been swinging to online networking to get more popularity from scouts. Football player Wedley Estime chose to make a highlight video demonstrating his aptitudes and post it on YouTube. Wedley Estime is a 6-3, 215-pound Strong-Side Defensive End from Delray Beach, FL. He is positioned No. 388 in the nation by 247Sports.

wedley estime

Estime is the No. 157 enlisted person in Florida (FL) and is the No. 26 Strong-Side Defensive End in the country. He has a 247Sports rating of 80, making him a 3-star prospect. This feature got went around to scouts, who began sending in offers. Estime in the end marked with Virginia Tech, and has subsequent to changed his name to Dadi Nicolas.

If you simply aren’t getting the popularity and you think you are worth getting popular, it would be a great opportunity for you to become famous through Social Media.