Keep Your Office Looking Spectacular By Following These Top Tips

They say that first impressions count. That rings true when you have an office building, and you invite clients to visit you at it! If you’re trying to get a lucrative new contract from someone, you want them to know that you’re a pro. They want to get assured they aren’t working with an amateur.

Believe it or not, clients will make judgements about you based on your office style! If it looks like you’ve never cleaned it, they will assume you won’t care about your work. That’s why it is important to keep your office looking spectacular! Here’s how to achieve that goal:

Less is more

If you want to impress any visitors to your office building, one way to do so is by adopting the minimalistic look. Many people can feel crowded when they enter an office that’s just brimmed to the ceiling with stuff!

To avoid that happening with important clients, keep only a few material objects around. I’m not saying that you need to adopt a cold, almost clinical approach to your interior decor.

What I am saying is that you don’t need to have a pile of boxes in your office. Nor do you need to have a bunch of ugly metal filing cabinets in public view. If you need to store paperwork, have a room dedicated to the task.

The only things your office needs are seats, desks, computers and telephones. You might also need printers, stationery and desk lamps. But that should be about it!

You should also encourage your staff to keep their workstations tidy at all times.

Keep it light and airy

Light, neutral tones give any office a breath of fresh air. They are also good at giving the illusion that a small office is larger than it seems! Consider installing daylight bulbs in your office rather than the standard “warm glow” ones.

You should also encourage workers to keep the blinds by their windows open. Believe it or not, drowning your office in sunlight is good for morale. Not to mention the fact that you are increasing people’s daily vitamin D count!

Keep it clean

Your workers are busy people, so it makes sense to hire a team of cleaners to make your office look brilliant. It will also encourage your employees not to be so messy at their desks too.

You might also wish to consider hiring window cleaners to visit every fortnight. They will ensure your view of the outside world is not obstructed by dirt and debris. And, for people looking at your office building, they will see how immaculate it is!

Just make sure it is safe for the window cleaners to work on your exterior windows. A fall arrest system in place will ensure they don’t injure themselves if they work from the roof down.

Make your reception area inviting

You might not think it, but you need to make your reception area more inviting to visitors. Some ways you could do that include:

  • Make fresh coffee, tea, juices and even cookies available to visitors;
  • A large flat-screen TV can showcase your company’s products and services;
  • Comfortable leather sofas make visitors feel at home;
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi access is a brilliant idea for corporate visitors.

By following the tips in today’s guide, you will make people want to visit your office building all the time!