Key Advantages of Molding Robots


With robotic automation creating a wave in the manufacturing industries, injection molding of plastic products has also greatly benefited from robotic use. Injection molding can be defined as a manufacturing process that involves the production of objects such as; plastic bottles, cellphone cases, containers, and plastic toys.

The main reason why injection molding robots are bringing a change in the manufacturing process is its ability to produce hundreds of similar plastic parts within a short period of time. Not only this, but there has also been an added advantage where manufacturers are now more able to produce plastics in various shapes and sizes.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the key advantages of robotic injection molding.

Easy to Use

Many companies often avoid the use of robots out of fear and unawareness that incorporating robots in their work would mean added expenses. Some also fear that programming and operating the robots could be a challenging job that would require the hiring of a programmer.

However, it is not so. Robots used in injection molding are usually relatively easy to operate and setup. Once the programming of the robot to work with your already existing injection molding system is accomplished, any person in the company can easily program the instructions into the robot. The whole process of setting up and programming the injection molding robots is as easy as A, B, C.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The opportunity of multitasking, consistency, astonishing speed, repeatability, and long-term savings are key reasons why manufacturers should opt for injection molding robotic solutions. Many manufacturers who have incorporated the use of injection molding robots are finding that the capital cost of these robots is far more affordable. This discovery has greatly helped in justifying the ROI.

The ability to manufacture products continuously 24/7 without taking breaks is inevitably increasing productivity levels, while increasing the profitability of the business. It is also worth noting that by incorporating a robot into the process does not necessarily mean that the robot can only perform that single specified application. This is because; a robot can be reprogrammed to support a different product if the need arises.

Repetitive Work

Injection molding is a tedious task that produces similar products for every injection. Due to its repetitive nature, injection molding can wear down your employees, hence increasing the chances of mistakes. Fatigued employees can also end up harming themselves while performing this task.

By automating this work, the task is taken away from your employees. molding robots ensure a perfect process that can run unsupervised. This allows the company to keep on producing its product using the robots, while the human employees engage in other tasks such as selling the product to the consumers.


Robots ability to multitask is an added advantage that makes automating the injection molding process highly cost-effective. This is because; the robots used in injection molding can also be automated to perform other manual tasks within the operation.

All it takes is a proper schedule that enables the robots to work on various aspects of the operation proficiently and successfully. A changeover usually takes less time, especially if there is no need to change the end of arm tools. All you need to do is program the new instructions into the robot for it to carry on with the new job.


Injection molding is a process that requires uniformity. No matter how much they try, human employees are prone to making errors that could jeopardize the whole process.

By using injection molding robots, room for error is completely eliminated and you are guaranteed of perfect products with every process.

A manufacturer can never go wrong by incorporating robots in his manufacturing processes as they are usually highly effective and efficient. These robots can also be programmed to perform various tasks, making the process run much faster and efficiently.