LaunchKit helps developers providing a tool kit to launch new apps easily


 Who is LaunchKit for?

LaunchKit released its new service today providing a tool kit, which helps application developers to launch new apps much easier. This free Took Kit allows developers to keep track of the sales called (Sales Repoter) produced from Apple’s play store. Since couple of years, LaunchKit launched 7 applications in App Store and also 5 applications in Google Play Store. Simultaneously, LaunchKit shared tools built by them, which makes much easier for the mobile developers.

What does LaunchKit do?

LaunchKit developed a Reporter for sales, a tool which is a third party service provider. Beforehand, the company introduces its Review Monitor device for staying informed concerning client audits and Screenshot Builder for rapidly creating the sort of screenshots engineers need to submit applications to the App Store.

Features in LaunchKit:

In spite of developing a critical dashboard that makes developers confusing, LaunchKit team started to use Slack or sending emails regularly to keep track of all the sales up to date. Team began to write a guide for user testing for the mobile applications. One of the series was very good , so they released to request users for Ios permissions, this then posted and shared for about 150,000 times. After then they introduced Screenshotter, a tool that helps to manage the screenshots on Ios devices. It was downloaded for 25,000 times (more than expected).

Recently LaunchKit released a template (Sketch) to app market, for screenshots to iTunes which has ranked 1 on Product Hunt. The two current services now have more than 7,500 clients, part equally between the two current services. Its clients are following more than 14,000 applications and the screenshotting device has been utilized for 25,000 screenshots for more than 7,000 applications