LETS GAZE: Long Distance Movie Nights


What does LetsGaze company Do?

LetsGaze.com lets you and a friend watch video files or Youtube in perfect sync with each other. Play, pause, and seek at the same time no matter how far you are.

Gaze in 30 Seconds from Gaze on Vimeo.

Why do we need LetsGaze?

We live in completely globalized era. For many, our lives can take us all around the world. This means that some can be far from those they miss spending time with, especially couples in long distance relationships. Watching things together is a fun way to share aspects of our daily lives and stay connected.

Who is LetsGaze for?

If you have friends, family, or significant others that live far, this is for you.

What makes LetsGaze stand out from Others?

LetsGaze.com lets you watch your owned local files as well as play around with ephemeral insta-chat, all over a video-call. It feels liek you’re in the same room.

What’s Next of LetsGaze?

Local file playback requires both parties to own the file. We’re working on a feature that would only need one party member to own the file, streaming it to their partner. This would make things much easier.