Lystable raises $1.5M

What does Lystable do?

Lystable, is a simply beautiful enterprise tool. It has built a cloud based platform that manages workflow, which aims at simplifying the process of how businesses manage their contacts with freelancers and  suppliers. This U.K based startup aims in giving companies, both small and big a total visibility over their external network. With this enterprise tool you can now imagine all the agencies, freelancers, services, lysted in one place, accessible by everyone in the company. With all the info at one place, it saves time and costs, as well as connecting companies, services and freelancers with one beautiful and simple workflow.

How much Lystable was funded?

Lystable raised $1.5M in Seed round on May 27, 2015 from Valar Ventures, Mark Evans, Playfair Capital, Guy Podjarny, Richard Fearn, Leila Rastegar Zegna, Courtney Grant etc.

Previous funding

  • $500k in Seed round on Nov ember 12, 2014 from Mark Evans

What is next for Lystable?

The latest round of funding brings the total investments in the company to $2M. The aim of the company is replacing a mix of legacy software and processes and in this space from contacts spreadsheets to the 3rd part supplier marketplaces with one platform which is cloud based where users can  find the external suppliers and handle interactions. It is replacing  some things , mainly traditional social relationship management platform and professional marketplace which connects talent with businesses.

The latest investment will be used for hiring more employees to the engineering and product team and for establishing its presence in the U.S. later in 2015.

 More about Lystable

Lystable was founded on November 7th, 2014 by Peter Louis Johnston. It has its headquarters in London, England. It was officially launched in a closed beta this February and it now has 3 enterprise customers who pay for the services. It is still in closed beta currently, but is is working with another 12 companies in its present phase.