MediaNest simplifies video content marketing

What is MediaNest About? simplifies video content marketing with one-click video distribution, management and video search engine optimization.  We support over 30 video and social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Why do we need MediaNest?
In addition to web video distribution & video seo tools we provide video content creators with the ability to know how their videos perform on multiple sites and compare or aggregate that info.  For example:  Track the performance of video content and audience engagement of YouTube vs. DailyMotion, Twitter vs Facebook or YouTube vs. Facebook.

Who is MediaNest for?
This app is for video content creators including: Brands, Agencies, Marketers & Solopreneur Content Creators.

What makes it stand out from Others?
The diversity of social media & video sites that we provide publishing on (over 30).

What’s Next?
In the coming months we’ll be releasing more tools that our video content creators have asked for such as support for Instagram & Vine and additional Video SEO Tools like our Video Title Recommendation Engine.