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Interior Optimization

A bunker designed to survive international nuclear war can feel like a palace on the inside, even though from the outside it looks like little more than a Hobbit hole. Appearances can be deceiving. Just like you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can’t judge a home by its exterior.

Mobile home living often has a reputation for being spendthrift, but this need not be the case.

In today’s volatile market, many are getting out of conventional real estate as it no longer represents a secure investment.

There’s been a spike in mobile home living, and those who choose this lifestyle may not always be doing so through incentives of financial difficulty. Some may have realized that the value declination ravaging the market today is almost requisite to the cost of most mobile living solutions.

As a matter of fact, it may even turn out that going the mobile route saves money. The problem many come up against is that the interiors of most mobile living arrangements do have a spendthrift quality. Properly re-designing interiors then becomes a prerogative, and can be done with great success.

Interior Upgrade

Because of the cost-effectiveness which usually follows this lifestyle, it’s possible to outfit interiors with decorative options that would be harder to afford in more “conventional” living arrangements. But to maximize utility of such options requires taking into account the variances which accompany mobile homes.

Look at sinks, as an example. A mobile home’s sink, be it in the bathroom or kitchen, may not be sized like conventional plumbing apparatuses in non-mobile living arrangements. When it comes to luxury kitchen faucets Maestro Bath has some advice especially applicable to mobile home living: “Take into consideration the width of your sink when trying to figure out your spout reach.”

Sometimes a sink may look larger or smaller than it really is. While there’s no one-size-fits-all in conventional, fixed living arrangements, you’re more likely to stumble on the properly-sized interior accoutrements going this route. When shopping for a mobile arrangement, you need to be a little bit more conscientious in defining parameters before you buy.

The Travelling Elite

Two types of mobile home solutions represent the majority of folks who’ve chosen this option. One type is a prefabricated structure that may be a “single” or “double” wide. With double-wide mobile homes, it may take two trips to transport the structure. Single-wide options are a little bit more transportable. But regardless, this option is usually relatively fixed, and remains in one location.

But there are also many who have chosen to truly epitomize the “mobile” part of “mobile home”, and so live in recreational vehicles that can function as homes, though their design may be intended more for a vacation capacity. Still, the right kind of work can lend itself to such mobile living, allowing those who own such a vehicle to make their “home base” almost anywhere they’d like.

This option is usually slightly more expensive than fixed arrangements, and so owners of homes that can effectively move from location to location may even have an advanced interest in outfitting the insides such that they have a top-tier, “kingly” appearance.


Maximizing Your Living Options

Technology like solar panels and LEDs, as well as wireless internet, are making it possible for those with limited resources to become grid-independent and mobile in a home on wheels. Economic idiosyncrasies are forcing more and more people to adopt mobile living arrangements.

Between the two, there is an increasing market for upgraded interior options, meaning better selection for those looking to upgrade the interior of their living arrangements. Finding the proper fit to such upgrades will serve to make your mobile living experience more than just acceptable—it can be truly extraordinary.

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