Mobile Marketing Tactics for Tech Startups

Mobile marketing is no longer an option for many businesses, especially startups. It’s essential if you want your company to stay ahead of the businesses. Mobile use for online shopping and obtaining services is rapidly rising. Market research shows that companies that heavily invest in mobile routinely outperform the competition. Startups often get their start in a very crowded market. Therefore, an excellent mobile strategy is necessary to gain footing and solidify a customer base. Now that you know the importance of mobile marketing, here are several strategies that would help:

Optimize the Existing Website for Mobile

Rather than building a new mobile-version of your website, optimize your existing website for mobile users. This means adapting a responsive design and a layout. Choose a web theme that is already made responsive for handheld devices, and you will have less work to do. You may need to use cleaner fonts and graphics so that your website loads quickly and smoothly on smaller smartphone screens. Buttons and forms should work exactly on mobile phones as each does on desktops. It’s very important to deliver a smooth and seamless browsing experience for mobile users in order to retain them.

Implement a Strategy Professionally

If you are running a small startup with a dozen employees or even less, you may not yet be able to afford the sort of expertise that goes into effective mobile marketing. Hiring a professional mobile marketing company may help you improve your strategy. You don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune for these companies either. There are ways to purchase mobile marketing services in an affordable manner. For example, AcuityAds real time bidding is a low-cost option for many startups. Think seriously about whether your company can benefit from professional help, and then do not hesitate to invest in it.

Don’t Ignore Android

Many tech startups make the amateur mistake of focusing content almost exclusively for iPhones, iPads and other Apple handheld devices. This is a major mistake especially considering that Android phones hold a whopping 84 percent of the global market. In the U.S., Apple products may be more prevalent, especially in cities. But do not underestimate the popularity of Android phones. You must make sure that your website and content are optimized for both operating systems in similar manners.

Collect Data Vigorously

The success of your mobile marketing strategy will largely hinge on the quality of the data you gather. Your strategy must be data drives in order to be successful. You will have to conduct surveys and questionnaires to collect customer data. You should also use tools like Google Analytics to collect and understand traffic data. Connecting to a larger marketing Data Management Platform will also greatly help. A DMP can give you access to high-quality data that you may not have the money to research yet.

Lastly, your mobile marketing plan should focus on multiple channels. Do not focus solely on apps and websites. Use other lucrative mobile channels, such as email and SMS, as well. Majority of buyers in fact interact with websites on multiple devices. Therefore, an omni-channel approach is necessary to retain these customers.