Money Management Using Best Android Finance Apps

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There is a fantastic selection of finance apps on Android and it becomes extremely challenging to determine which is better than the rest. When looking for an appropriate finance app, first of all you must be clear about what you wish to accomplish. You must know exactly what you want and accordingly choose the best app for catering to your precise requirement.

However, it is important to remember that for making any financial app worthwhile and useful, you must keep inputting and maintaining data. A good app goes a long way in making that process painless to the extent possible. You must, however, not lose touch with reality. You cannot expect an app alone to force you alter your spending style and habits or even help you to be a little more disciplined in your budgeting.

Bank Apps

Financial service providers have come up with effective apps. Before you opt for any third-party app, you must try the app provided by your bank. Most reputed banks come up with apps that are best for reporting your account balance, finding ATMs, allowing you to access e-bills and paying bills.

Virtual Wallet (by PNC)

This is a very useful app and is known for providing customers with a host of services in a neat package. It boasts of all the relevant banking features including money transfer, bill pay, and remote deposits. It is way ahead of other apps in terms of its extremely intuitive budgeting interface. This works out great for paying bills and tracking spending.

Auto Loan Calculator (by Xinify Networks Apps)

This app is known for its speed, compactness and great features. It is effective in calculating lease payments and loans. It allows you the required flexibility for calculating a wide range of loans using diverse variables. You can avail cash rebate, if you are ready with complete purchase information.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator (by DrCalculator)

This app is really very easy to read, simple and precise. It is great for calculating payments on both adjustable-rate and fixed-rate loans. The striking feature of this app is an ordinary amortization schedule, which could easily be adjusted for some additional payments of principal. You could consider upgrading to their highly-professional app.

Anza Money FREE (by Anza Software LLC)

This is a super-effective tool, which allows you to upload bank accounts. It boasts of all the relevant attributes of a good budget application. It is capable of income tracking, keeping track of expenses across multiple accounts; customize expense, and income categories. It is able to split expenses among different categories.

Cashbook Expense Tracker (by Frank Android Software)

This is a superb app and during the last few years, this app has been connected to certain services, which are known to add tremendous utility. For example, you could import more data, export the data, change categories and go on sharing it to some private cloud service namely Dropbox.

Mint Bills (by Intuit)

This app helps in aggregating all your accounts that help you in paying your bills conveniently and avoiding late fees. The app is especially, great for setting reminders for notifying when your bills are due. You could now pay your bills easily with only a few swipes from right inside the app. If you successfully sync the app with your bank accounts, it would be tracking all your expenses and splitting your spending into different categories.

Debt Snowball

This app is useful in inputting your outstanding debt thereafter, creating, managing and maintaining a payoff plan. Once your account is set up, the app would be tracking where exactly you stand in repaying your debts and the time it would be taking for repaying the loan. However, you must remember to input as well as maintain each and every data for making this app worthwhile.

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