Must Have Android Apps From Different App Categories

There are thousands of android apps in the Android app store with different categories to choose from which includes games, entertainment, business, photography, health etc. The following are some of the must have android apps from different app categories.

  1. Entertainment- smart phones really come in handy when it is about entertainment, they are the best sources of entertainment on the go. For such entertainment you must have the apps “iFunny” which will make you laugh so much that you will have abdominal cramps. This app provides funny pictures, GIFs, videos etc ages before they appear on social media. You can share this funny stuff with your friends and family on social media site. With this app you can make your won funny pictures, videos etc in an easy and simple way. This is a great app if you love to have fun.
  2. Photography- These days many people are using their smart phone primarily for clicking photographs as it is the cheap way to click some great pictures without professional digital camera equipment and they can easily share it on the social media. For these people there is the “Photo Editor” by Aviary. This app allows you to ass frames, effects, crop and rotate the pictures, manage the color theme and do a lot of other things.


  1. Tools- One must have app under this category is the “Folder Lock” which is a data security app with a lot of comprehensive features. The security app contains many features like the locking and hiding of photos and videos, documents, contacts, cards etc whichever and whatever you want. This app has its video player and music player and photo viewer through which you can view your media files securely. It also has a secure browser which keep your browsing history secret and can only be seen within the app.
  2. Business- one of the best apps in the business category is the “File Manager”. This app is offered in 28 different languages with on the spot translation. This app has 80 file types, menu items and tool bars. This app compresses and decompresses the files and has a search feature which will enable the user to find the desired files with ease. There is an in built document and photo editor which comes in very handy for managing your business. Above all this app supports the cloud storage which is very helpful for business people in storing large amounts of their files and other data.
  3. Medical- People are suffering from many health issues these days and they do not have the time to find out which doctor has his OPD at what time. if you are having such troubles too then you must download the app “ZocDoc”. What you need to do is enter the zip coed and insurance and you will get a list of doctors and their available time. you can get their appointment without having to pay a single penny on your Android Phone. The drawback with this app is it is available only to residents of a number of states of America.