Neurala raises $14M

What does Neurala do?

Neurala, is an AI startup. It is a deep learning neural network software company which developed The Neural Brain, which manufactures smart products such as robots, cameras, toys, drones and self-driving care more useful and autonomous. Unlike the traditional artificial intelligence companies, which are designed for super computers which are connected to the net, their 1st project was for NASA to be used for autonomous planetary exploration. Super computers were unavailable and there was limited battery life and fast access to the web was not possible. Their deep learning neural networks had to perform in real time and be lightweight without any ground intervention. With their constraints, they have modeled the this Brain on animal brains as they are highly efficient computers which consume less power and no more. The brain also know how to use microphones- ears and camera- yes.

How much Neurala was funded?

The company raised $14M in Series A on January 17, 2017 from Idinvest Partners, 360 Capital Partners, Draper Associates, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital,  Pelion Venture Partners and Sherpa Capital.

Previous funding

Undisclosed amount on February 25, 2013 from Techstars and Right Side Capital Management

$750k on December 10, 2014 from SK Ventures, Robolution Capital and Tim Draper

What is next for Neurala?

The company is working with a brand of car which people see every day for helping them develop autonomous vehicle technology.

More about Neurala

Neurala was founded on January 30, 2006 by Anatoli Gorchetchnikov,  Massimiliano Versace, Max Versace and Heather Ames. It has its headquarters in Boston, MA. This platform lets machines equipped with cameras interpret images and recognize objects, automating tasks partially.  These companies can use the software for aiding in drone inspection of infrastructure such as cell phone towers, reducing the requirement for the need of human employees for reviewing tape.