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Injection molding is a manufacturing process whereby plastic materials are melted by heat and poured into a mold, where it’s left to cool, solidify and take shape. The injection molding process is the best option for the manufacturing of products with intricate shapes and designs; all these can be achieved via a plastic injection machine. …

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We understand that the task of making people aware of your startup is not an easy task. You need to work in dedicated manner and put in a lot of hard work to create awareness about your venture amongst the target audiences. Even then it is possible to provide only the most basic information about the usability and benefits of the startup. To help you overcome this difficult situation, we at Jcount, offer you an opportunity to discuss the details of your startup through our blog about startups. It is a personalized platform where you can provide the minutest details about your venture to a global audience.


Most startup owners feel that submitting their startup on a well known and reliable website is enough to make the people aware about its existence. However, the submission is only the first step towards creating awareness about the venture. A startup blog helps in providing detailed information about what it actually does and how it can prove beneficial in making various everyday tasks easy and hassle free. In many customers refer to such blogs to clarify any doubts or queries that they might be having about the product or startup. Many times you might need to pass on vital information to your customers related to a latest product service or even an idea. The startup blog provides you with an easy means to connect with your customers in an easy and effortless manner. In fact the best blog about startups are also a means of informing the customers about any special features and the future plans you have about the startup.


One of the biggest advantages offered by activating a blog for your startup is that it enables you to interact with your target audiences in a personalized manner. We understand the importance of social media for promoting your venture which is why we enable you to directly share your blog on various social media websites including twitter, facebook and Google+. Moreover, you can also upload videos and sound clips to provide better information to your customers about why they should use the app or the product. Despite the fact that Jcount does not promote your venture or product through the use of usual SEO and online marketing tools, we definitely help you in reaching out to the crowd through a well maintained blog. Since we also enable you to submit your startup on our website, this proves to be additionally beneficial as you not only save valuable time but also resources that would otherwise be required for maintaining the startup as well as the blog separately.


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