Petzi Connect: A must-have for pet owners

Petzi connect

What is Petzi Connect for?

Petzi is a must have device for all the pet owners around the globe as it lets you instantly connect with your pet whenever you’re out of your home.  With the help of petzi you can hear and see your pet even if you’re far away from home and all of this happens with a single press of a button on your smartphone.

How much is Petzi Connect Crowd Funded?

It is crowd funded at $4010 and pledged at $20,000 goal.  The campaign ended on 21st of November. Also, Petzi connect has 25 fundraiser.

Is Petzi Connect useful and exciting?

Petzi connect is an extremely useful device for all those people who absolutely love their pets. With the help of petzilla app on your smartphone, you just need to press a button to see your pet if you’re away from home. You can even make your pet hear your voice through petzi connect. It basically offers a 2 way audio and video. Installing this device is quite easy, you only have to plug this device in any standard AC outlet and you’re good to go.

More of Petzi Connect?

Petzi connect is one of the most innovative technique to connect with your pet even if you’re really far away from home. Also this device offers a feature which the developers call as pavlovian surprise. This feature enables you to drop a treat for your pet while the connection is on between your smartphone and this device which puts this device in the’ astounding innovations’ category.