Phantom Raises $13.5M in Series B

What does Phantom do?

Phantom, is the first company which provides a community powered security orchestration and automation platform. Their aim is closing the gap in security by enabling enterprise security operations to be faster, smarter and stronger.  The company orchestrates main security operations stages from triage and prevention to resolution, providing dramatic hikes in security operations effectiveness and productivity.

How much Phantom was funded?

The company raised $13.5M in Series B on January 10, 2017 from john W. Thompson, Rein Capital, Zach Nelson, In-Q-Tel, Blackstone, Foundation Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and TechOperators.

Previous funding

$2.7M on April 14, 2015 from John Thompson, Zach Nelson,  Tom Noonan, Rein Capital and Foundation Capital.

$6.5M in Series A on September 28, 2015 from John Thompson, Blackstone, TechOperators, Thomas E. Noonan and Zach Nelson.

What is next for Phantom?

The company is very excited about its partnership with Kleiner Perkins and Ted Schlein who has helped in building some great companies such as Carbon Black, Internet Security Systems and Fortify. The company plans on using its latest funding raised for expanding sales, engineering and marketing operation in support of its platform which works in automation and orchestrating the security operation.

More about Phantom

Phantom was founded in 2014 by Sourabh Satish and Oliver Friedrichs. It has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. This plaform helps in automating and orchestrating security operations helping analysts in acheiving in seconds what would take hours or days for them normally to accomplish something manually. Thier app drives this by acting as the connecting element for integrating dozens of discrete point products which enterprises have deployed for securing their environment. Its customers can automate almost any security case including hunting, investigation, enrichment, resilient regeneration, containment and patch and vulnerability management and a lot more. It was recognized as the most innovative company at the RSA Conference 2016.