Publish Your Research Paper In Open Access Journals With Researchjournali


What does Researchjournali do? is a publishing house from India and publishes research journals in various academic disciplines. It provides excellent publishing service with highest professional standards to authors and makes publication possible in less time with low cost compare to other journals. It adopts a modern approach in academic publication which is crowded by hundreds of subscription based journals. Online publication and open access model allows anyone to access published papers free of cost and removes the barrier to free flow of knowledge.

What makes Researchjournali stand out from others?

Researchers publish their academic work in journals to showcase and get recognition among scientific community. It takes lots of hard work and dedication to produce a quality research paper for publication. Authors want faster publication and excellent service in their busy professional schedule. The traditional journals make it difficult with long review process, poor customer service, high publication fee and limited knowledge circulation. They take away intellectual rights of research paper and the authors never get true value of their effort.

At Researchjournali authors are empowered to suggest own reviewer, retain intellectual right of paper as well as get better customer service. They get review decision within 7 days of submission and publish their paper at affordable cost. The journal rewards authors with unique loyalty benefit and publishes third research paper free of cost. It provides single gateway to publish in 17 different research journals including education, management, economics, sociology, entrepreneurship, geography and computer science area.

Why do we need Researchjournali?

The publishing house has emerged as a preferred brand among researchers for its excellent customer service and professional standards. The editorial board consists of eminent scholars and researchers from 33 countries. All the journals publish research papers from various countries including India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iran, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Many of the journals are indexed with reputed academic database like NewJour, WorldCat, ResearchBib and Electronic Journals Library (EZB).

Who is Researchjournali for?

Professors and researchers who need trust-worthy publisher to publish their research paper faster in scholarly journals. The authors can find research guidelines of publication in journal website.

What’s Next of Researchjournali?

The publishing house is dedicated to online publication and promotion of research in global arena. It aims to become a knowledge hub for international researchers and enhance value of each journal for the research community.