QLL: Your Best Quiz League

Quiz League of London

What does QLL Do?

QLL is basically a quiz league based in London. It was founded in the year 1990 in the part of southern London.  This league usually hosts matches at social clubs or pubs.  The match is basically an oral quiz between two teams.

Why do we need QLL?

Quizzing is an exceptional way of increasing your knowledge in a way that is quite entertaining. QLL holds quiz contests in a way that it increases the competitive spirits between the individuals as well.

Who is QLL for?

QLL is for those people who like to put their knowledge and skills to a test in way that is amusive as well. At the end of the quiz, whatever may be the result, both the teams end up learning something with a smile.

What makes QLL stand out from others?

QLL format is one of the exciting quiz contest format. At the end of each quiz contest the participants end up leaning a lot of new things in the most interesting way possible. Spectators are also welcomed to take part in the contests within the stipulated terms.  Also, QLL is an entirely independent and a self-administered quiz league.

What’s Next of QLL?

QLL hosts a variety of quiz contests all through the year. Some of them are League championship, President’s cup, brain of London and others. Along with these exciting quiz contest, QLL hosts charity events as well.  Their charity quiz night is a table quiz where they intend to collect funds for a specific charitable purpose.