Reading books is good for inspiring entrepreneurs

reading books

If you want to improve your financial strategies, earn more money or start your business you need to read books as many as possible. Books are a valuable resource for you that is really serious about improving your business prospects. You can not submit everything to your own experience because the books on entrepreneurship present more than what you have so far.

Now we’re presenting the best books for entrepreneurs and businesses to read. If you are thinking about entrepreneurship, improving the tactics of your business or you are just passionate about finance and business, we present a series of titles related to the business world that you should not miss at this year.

From tips to be a better negotiator, become a millionaire or lead your company to secure success, in this list we have tried to show the most outstanding titles related to entrepreneurship and business.

Here we leave you the best books for entrepreneurs and businesses that you should read this beginning of the year.

Rich Father, Poor Father by Robert Kiyosaki

Although this book is from the late nineties it is still current and is considered a great work of reference in the literature of finance. In it, its author, Kiyosaki gives us a different point of view regarding money and financial freedom, with a clear predilection to guide his readers to get their own means of production versus being a salaried employee. It may already be rare in the market but you can find it in booksrun.

The Black Book of The Entrepreneur by Fernando Trias de Bes

Before carrying out your career as an entrepreneur, it is advisable that you consult the book of Trias de Bes. The black book of the entrepreneur tries to make his readers understand that 90% of the initiatives fail and that being an entrepreneur is not just having an idea or enough money.

The Lean Startup Method by Eric Ries

Eric Ries’s book is undoubtedly one of the business titles that you should read this year if you want to know perfectly how the world of StartUps works. Its author proposes a new method in which companies are starting to launch and sell their products. In short, the book aims to make the new emerging companies able to face the first moments of uncertainty and achieve a sustainable business position. Something that no doubt every entrepreneur craves for your company.

The Entrepreneur’s Manual by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

Although this book is far from being an inspiring title of those who mark history, it is the text that you should read if you are thinking of launching a product or creating a company. Your idea is simple and you should repeat it over and over again: do not take any steps before knowing who will buy you. Once this is clear, the manual builds a model based on four stages focused on the client, with which it will help its readers in their project to create lasting companies.

Never Stop by Phil Knight

Recommended by characters of the likes of Barack Obama or Bill Gates, in this book the creator of Nike, Phil Knight, tells how they were the first years of a sportswear brand that over time has managed to become a social icon and one of the most recognized firms. Perfect reading if you want to know how the first steps of a commercial empire are.

Think Fast, Think Slowly by Daniel Kahneman

If you have not read it yet, then this is the year you will have to do it. Chosen as one of the best books of 2011 by the New York Times Book Review, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, its author was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. But to your surprise, remember that Kahneman is really a psychologist and that in this book you will not find an economic theory to use, but a whole study about the topics of behavior that the human being carries out.

As you can see, the above books not only present business techniques for entrepreneurs but also present the psychological sides that every entrepreneur should have. Reading books is a very important thing for every entrepreneur, not only when they start their adventure but also when they are already on a positive track. What is important is that they are the best source that can inspire every entrepreneur to get better from day to day.