Real-time collaboration tool using GoJS technology. How can it improve team efficiency?


Thanks to globalization, the cooperation of a team working from different places around the world isn’t a problem any longer. What’s more, the recent coronavirus pandemic showed that being within one office threshold turned out not to be a necessity for efficient working on projects. But remote work is not always fun and games. Effective cooperation requires the right tools.

One of them is a technology that allows you to transfer the process visualization to the digital world, such as GoJS library. How can it support building a team collaboration tool and what other factors are worth implementing to improve remote working?


What are the biggest obstacles that hinder the employees?

48% of responders (source: claim that poor communication between coworkers is a factor that makes their everyday work more difficult. The problem may be the lack of a proper communication tool that they could use.

Many employees also complain about the lack of a project management tool. The answer may be using tools based on GoJS library which allows different departments to run projects in cooperation with other users.


When people from different departments or time zones work together, the right collaboration software is essential. GoJS, a library intended to interactive data visualizations, helped Synergy Codes to create an advanced Multiplayer module. What problems can be solved by the team thanks to this solution?

Cross-tasking is a response to the need to visualize the project development process. A number of employees, but also teams, can simultaneously participate in the visualization of the process behind a project.

Solutions that are based on the GoJS library allow the company to get the best results possible. How? Personalizing activities and assigning tasks to specific team members is a simple way to monitor work progress. Tools based on the GoJS library allow Users to divide the working space – canvas between many design teams, work of many people in real-time simultaneously, create dependency, and task graphs in an intuitive drag&dropp way.


Aside from building an app using the GoJS library, Synergy Codes came up with several other ideas to increase team members’ efficiency.

The first one is simplifying communication. With advanced processes, you cannot escape from constant consultations. Our multiplayer solution allows employees to comment, assign roles, and save changed history. This promotes trouble-free communication: each team member knows who handles which task and who they can turn to for help.

The second step is using the scalable tools. What does it mean? We use and develop tools that can be modified at any time. We know that each company has a different specificity and different requirements. The possibility of infinite development of the tool allows it to be adapted to the nature of the team’s work.

While working on the project, you cannot forget about the UX design issue. Data visualizations, multi-level mapping or convenient operation of the application makes it extremely easy to work on a project. Focusing on UX design is important from both perspectives, a transparent UI is a profit for the company on user training. The UX design layer is necessary when the company cares not only for group, but also for the individual work of each team member, who regardless of the level of implementation will be able to comfortably work on it.