Research on Startups in India


A startup is a means of turning your dreams into reality. It has many risks, but without startups, the business economy would wither. Today’s startup may grow into tomorrow’s huge corporation. One of the top countries for startups is India which despite its historically weak economic position has become a center of IT industry. Indian entrepreneurs are younger than in any other country. IT industry in India is constantly growing, making this country one of the world’s most successful IT exporters. Practically every serious and prominent company has its agency in India. IT companies around the world choose India as the uppermost offshoring destination. What is the secret of its huge success?

India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of technology due to the most notable startups, foreign investors and some aspects of doing business. Investors are fascinated by the idea that 400 million representatives of the growing middle class inhabit India. Today India represents one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a powerful banking industry, reliable and transparent financial system and political stability. The purchasing power of the population of India makes this country extremely attractive to companies which aim at opening up new market segments.

Indian companies adopt business models which work in other parts of the world and modify them so that they can solve the problems of the Indians. Especially successful in this field are people who have an experience of living and working abroad. If your business sees a foreseeable future in India, and you plan on keeping on top of financial records, apply for a Pan Card at You will also find information on all you need to know about its benefits and uses here.  As a rule, they come back to India in order to start a business. Universities and other educational institutions are also realizing the importance of an entrepreneurial activity. More than 40 percent of graduates from the universities in Bengaluru specialize in information technology.

The role of smartphones for Indian people can hardly be overestimated. For many citizens, a smartphone is the only way to plan a trip, to buy something, to learn something new or even to help somebody. For people who inhabit small and remote areas of the country, a smartphone is the only tool to access the Internet. By the number of Internet users, India ranks second on the list, though it is the country with the lowest penetration (only 19%). Judging by this we can see a great potential for further growth.

One the world’s largest sourcing destinations for IT industry nowadays, India fosters and supports various startups in a number of different ways. We can observe a substantial raise in the quantity of incubation centers in India. Due to this factor, lots of investors use Indian startups as a means of turning initiative into a beneficial business. Incubation centers form an absolutely essential investment source and turn India into an attractive market.

One of the most successful and famous Indian startups is the website Its greatest asset is the ability to select highly skilled personnel and to put the accent on analytics and the systematic monitoring of the real estate market.

There is also a large amount of touristic startups of a new generation. For instance, travel services for rich ladies who have a wish to see the world without being accompanied by their family members are gaining popularity. Since Indian women are not allowed to travel on their own, with the help of such startups they can do it in the company of other women who also do not want to make a journey with their relatives.

Urban middle class in India is constantly increasing and companies are looking for the ways to introduce their products to new customers. For this purpose, they create such services as FreeCharge. They are used in order to pay for mobile communication, television, and other services. In return, people receive discount coupons. Thereby, FreeCharge collects priceless data for marketers who get a clear insight into the ways in which people spend their money.

Recently Apple introduced an initiative to lend support to engineering talent in India through the establishment of a Design and Development Accelerator. It demonstrates how important India has become for the world’s most influential companies. CB Insights, a New York-based research company, predicts that India could become more successful than China concerning the number of technology investments made by PE and VC firms. It is assumed that the amount of investments committed to India will be higher than China.

Around 80 new startups appear in India per year. It is the best performance in the world. A lot of young Internet companies situated in Bengaluru, a home of India’s startup scene, are transforming India every single minute.

As we can see, Indian startup ecosystem is quite unusual, since this country is still on its way of development. Nowadays, Indian government aims at reducing the number of regulatory barriers to startups. This, in turn, creates innumerable opportunities both for entrepreneurs and investors. Modern India is a rapidly increasing market, the size of which is enormous even in its current state.

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