Restaurants Rolling Out the Use Of Mobile

Restaurants Rolling Out the Use Of Mobile

Have you ever wondered how mobile would impact the restaurant industry? Today many smartphone users are turning to mobile technology as a convenient way to choose where to shop and where to eat. If you haven’t yet taken steps to create a mobile strategy, then now is the time to take this essential step. There is a reason why mobile marketing is at the top of this list by entertainment provider GOBEOND.

A recent report shares some information about why this marketing strategy is so important:

  1. The Use of Smartphone Technology Is on the Rise

The report shows that 51 percent of online time (for key categories) is spent on mobile technology. The breakdown for restaurants is:

  • 50 percent of user time is on smartphones
  • 46 percent of that time is spent on PCs
  • 4 percent is spent on tablets
  1. Mobile Devices Are Used to Make Purchase Decisions

According to the report, 60 percent of smartphone users are using the phone to get information about their purchase. Not only are they using their phones, but also 42 percent of the shoppers reported that their mobile phone is the most important source of information for their decision.

  1. Smartphone Users Want to Make Decisions Fast

Mobile consumers turn to their smartphones when they are in a hurry to make purchase decisions. Two thirds of the mobile device users in the report were hoping to make a purchase that same day. More than a third of them wanted to make a purchase right away and a third of them wanted to eat within just an hour. As you consider the importance of this statistic, think about the percentage of your clientele who drop in for a meal versus those who come by reservation only.

  1. Most Smartphone Activity Occurs at the Beginning of the Decision-Making Process

How important is the smartphone when it comes to researching restaurants? Information from the report shows that mobile devices are very important. Consider these numbers:

  • 51 percent of users turned to their smartphone at the beginning of the decision-making process in order to research their restaurant options.
  • 37 percent of restaurant-goers used their phone in the middle of the process in order to look up information about specific restaurants.
  • 12 percent used the phone to make reservations or place orders.
  • Nearly a fourth of the mobile technology users used the technology from the beginning to end of their decision-making process.

How Can You Improve Your Mobile Visibility?

Your mobile strategy should include a design that responds to the screen size of the different platforms, ie tablets versus cellphones. In addition to this, you’ll want a mobile pay-per-click advertising program. This brings more visibility to potential customers. Next, let your current customers know about your app. Share information about your mobile presence through your email, blog, and social media. Use an app to offer coupons to your customers. Encourage them to share their email address in order to receive invitations to promotions and coupons. Submit your information to mobile search engines and directories.

You need to be aware that the use of mobile technology is on the rise. As a restaurant owner, a mobile marketing strategy can play a key role in determining your success. Keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds by staying current with today’s mobile trends.