For a manufacturer to enjoy its production without stress there is the need for them to have a platform that can help them manage their activities so that the company will be able to have a smooth running business. Particularly, small manufacturing businesses need material requirement planning software (MRP) to help have a robust and effective production planning, scheduling, and inventory control system to help manage and boost their manufacturing process. In other to achieve this aim as so many other companies are already buying the idea, you need a company that specializes in making the software for companies. The only and best solution is Katana MRP; Katana is a web-based MRP software company that has helped a lot of both small and big manufacturing companies around the world build a software that manages inventory and enhance their manufacturing process. With Katana MRP all operations and information are arranged in a single system, including warehouse status, sales and purchase order information, production recipes among others. The software comes in a highly visual dashboard; the dashboard allows users to have a comprehensive view of their business, orders, processes and deadlines.

At first glance, the software (Katana MRP) gives you an environment that allows you make quick and brilliant business decisions based on reliable, real-time information, which in turn create a positive impact on their business in a more productive way.

Katana MRP Overview and Benefits

The primary aim of Katana software is to help small scale and manufacturing businesses flourish particularly in this modern technology age. For manufacturers who are looking to graduate from the stress of cumbersome spreadsheet and multiple control systems that disrupts your operations takes a lot of time to maintain, Katana MRP is the best platform for you. It has various sets of inventory management features that are capable of helping you manage your SKUs both raw materials and unfinished products; it also allows manufacturers organize their production recipe; implement production operations, schedule manufacturing order among others. Katana MRP has a user-friendly interface created for small workshops and medium-sized factories enabling them to transmit their files from spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets e.t.c) smooth, seamless and easy.

Katana MRP has over the years successfully integrated with famous business systems around the world to ensure smooth and frictionless processes and operations. Among the few favorite big stores that this software has helped are Shopify, Woocommerce, and other reputable companies like Etsy helping them effectively manage their online branded store/market, reach out to their customers and potential clients. Katana MRP is of no doubt useful in diversified ways like accounting, purchasing orders, payment information and many more. However, its integrations with Xero and QuickBooks have got you covered.

Katana MRP operates a cloud-based platform giving it the power to work on any platform. With Katana software, you will be able to take your business with you wherever you go; you will be able to access your store’s inventory at any time of the day, and be ready, to make critical adjustments right from your mobile devices.  Katana MRP software updates regularly and automatically which means you will always be able to work on the newly released version of the software at any time.

Features of Katana MRP software


Kanata MRP software is a powerful business software packed with great features that help your business grow. Here are great some of its great features:

Production planning

The production planning features have some advantages that you need to know. It has a drag and drop priority feature for manufacturing jobs, it allows users to track the availability of required materials, you will be able to identify delay risks related to material supply lead times, you will be able to have accurate expected completion dates and at the same time get real-time production status overview info from the floor level.

Real-time inventory control and optimization

These are the second and most significant feature of any MRP software should give you. Katana software allows you to control your inventory’s finished product and raw materials. Inventory transactions can also be automated, ability to maintain optimal inventory levels using reorder points, you will also be able to make actual manufacturing and purchasing decisions and at the same time efficiently manage variants of products and materials.

Sales order fulfillment

The sales order fulfillment features have the following benefits

  • Track availability of required products
  • Identify delivery delay risks and reprioritize to meet deadlines
  • Drag and drop priorities of customer orders.

Katana MRP software integration companies

With their level of competency, great ecommerce website has integrated with Katana, so they have a smooth running of their business. Here are reputable ecommerce companies that Katana partnered with:

  • Shopify
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • Woo Commerce
  • Big Commerce and others

Katana Pricing

Katana has friendly pricing scheme that makes lots of users want to partner with them; they also have a free 14 days free trial period just for you to be convinced how effective they operate.

The minimum package you can apply for is 49 Euros, and if you are confused on currency exchange, you can make use of their currency calculator to help you convert their website currency to your country’s currency. The minimum package of 49 Euros includes one user interface, one inventory location, one e-commerce channel and lastly you will be able to make use of their 24 hours customer live chat service to answer all your questions.


Katana is a material requirement software company that allows manufacturers to stop guessing so they will not have a problem delivering consistently profitable results. The company offers a complete end to end service that enables order-driven manufacturing companies to maintain a competitive advantage over other competitors by providing products on time.

The software allows users to manage MRP, MES, Human Resources and full financial as well as reporting and customer management.