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EUKhost Review

To search the best web host present in the market which offers the most dependable and affordable services then we at APNET would recommend the people who are looking for a web host should go with According to the eUKhost Reviews, we came to know that they are aiming at not only providing its clients an outstanding support and service using innovative technologies and unbeaten customer service. They have a fully committed team for offering the best service to its clients as this makes a lot of difference. They are among the first companies in Europe which is operated fully automatically making one of the leading web host in the market.

Facts about

Their presence in the web hosting industry over 12 years .
A constantly developing and rich portfolio of web hosting service.
Completely managed web hosting provider.
Serving more than 35,000 customers and over 150,000 domains.
Long lasting infrastructure backed by an in-house team of technical experts.
Across UK it is serving public sector organisations.
eUKhost Reviews shows that they are running a large number of Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Hosting and Dedicated servers, to make sure their severs are of high quality they use branded hardware from Intel, Dell, and HP, etc.

Different hosting plans shown in eUKhost Reviews

Shared Hosting: It is perfect for small to medium personal websites and businesses.
Reseller Hosting: It is preferred for hosting multiple websites. And the customer need not to worry about the sever management or maintenance.
VPS Hosting: Proving its customers an isolated & secure virtualised environment. It is also best for the developers, hosting providers and businesses.
Cloud Hosting: There are two types of cloud hosting available and they are VMware cloud hosting and Hyper-V cloud hosting. Both of these are offered by Microsoft.

Plans offered to the customers

According to the eUKhost Reviews there are 3 types of plans which are being offered for different variety of user , such as a Basic plan is for small websites and blogs. It is giving 2 GB UK disk space, limitless bandwidth, 10 MySQL Databases, and also a free domain name.

Another plan is Intermediate plan which is useful for busy websites, blogs and forums. It is with 10 GB UK disk space, again bandwidth is unlimited, 30 MySQL databases and free domain name. And the third one is the advanced plan which is most appropriate for high-traffic websites as it is allowing 20 GB UK disk space, unlimited bandwidth and databases and free domain name.


While going through the eUKhost Reviews, we came across these features which make it a perfect choice, those features are as follows:

Its high quality Data centres.
Customers get managed support for 24/7.
Fully managed service provided.
No involvement of contracts with the customers.
30 day money back guarantee.
Having an active community.

eUKhost Reviews shows that company is registered with in England and Wales and is hosting many company and personal websites which is working very hard to serve their customers and help them in developing their own website in a very easy but satisfactory manner. So it is guaranteed that if one don’t want to feel disappointed must choose


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