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Performance:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Price Value:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Features:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Help & Support:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
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IXWebhosting.com Review

Now a days there is a lot of web hosts which are available on the internet but choosing a perfect one  is a difficult task but if you are looking for a web host which grows with your growth by giving you a passion to deliver awesome web hosting solutions and the best customer service in the industry, then we at jcount would prefer IXWebhosting.com. During the analysis of IXWebhosting reviews , we could make out that it is one of the most dependable website which is attracting a large number of individual and small  business users as they can build a website in a very comfortable  way.

Features That Make IXWebhosting A Perfect Choice

IXWebhosing.com is the web host which is  providing  industry’s leading  linux-based hosting plans which is the most flexible plan in the world and the customers are enjoying these plans by utilizing  them with the many popular hosting applications. Various features of IXWebhosting Service are being listed below.

  1. 100% secure:  With IXwebhosting Reviews , one can easily make out that how secure the customers data is as they are protecting users site from getting hacked. They even make sure that your experience working online is safe, and free of unnecessary downtime. They are also using the following methods i.e. Spam Filtering, PCI-complaint, Malware Monitoring, 24/7 Admin coverage, McAfee Secure & Tested Daily, etc  for the security of your site.
  2. Hosting Support: Through the IXWebhosting Reviews , we also came across the positive reaction by the users for the customer support service provided by them. They are having a  great support team about which all its customers express delight over  their  intelligence , knowledge and well behaviour . The customers can receive support from the team by using the following methods such as available by phone, ticket, email, or through chat.
  3. Free Site Builder: According to IXwebhosting services , everyone is not a web designer, but one can easily follow the steps provided to them which explains how this work can be done and create their own website without even paying anything for the software.
  4. Unlimited Shared Hosting:  They are allowing its customers to enjoy shared hosting without having any limitations on the bandwidth, disk space , email accounts , and  domains.
  5. Hosting applications:IXWebhosting Reviews shows that they are the ones who are providing its customers all the facilities they would ever need. There are some of the popular hosting applications are WordPress , Joomla , Durpal, MySQL, Databases, Linux, Windows, etc.

Technical Specifications of IXWebhosting.com

With the IXWebhosting Reviews , we can easily observe that the technical specifications provided to the customers are enough for them as they are very much satisfied with them. Listing those specifications as follows: Free domain name registration, dedicated IP address, International domain support, unlimited multiple domain hosting, unlimited web space, unlimited data transfer, account control panel (demo), etc. Using all these technical specifications one can feel comfortable while developing a website for the first time.


One must at least try  IXWebhosting.com for getting valuable results and experience the new world for developing a website for individual user and  for a business purpose as it will definitely help in leading a successful path which will also add the growth to this web host. If you want to prefer using a web host which is reliable and supporting you forever then one must go with IXWebhosting.com.



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