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Namejet review

Namejet is a domain auction service that allows the users to register the expired domains and allow the users to sign up for the deleted and expired domain names from partners and third party registrants. This is because everyday thousands of domain names become available for the purpose of registration and also because the name has not been re-registered.

Backorder Request

You can avail of the facility of the backorder request on Namejet. The customer participates in the auction and pays the Backorder bid amount, if the domain is available. There is also the option of retracting the request.

Managing domain names automated

Managing domain names on Namejet is an easy task.

The domain names that have expired are registered with the multiple registrars. Winning an auction will let you create and account with the registrar. You would receive an email from them with details of the account. In future, if you win more auctions all domains will be put into your account automatically.

For this, you would be notified by email when you are given the domain name. Your account will be automatically created with Namejet as soon as you win a domain name at the auction.

Domain Backorder

Namejet is a service that allows the people using it to register for deleted or expired domains. Backordering allows the user to re-register these expired domains. To place a request for Backorder you do not have to pay anything. There is a list of domain name extensions that you can place the orders for. The domain or domains you have ordered for will show up on your account interface within 3 business days. You will receive email for them sending you the instructions of the domain name and how you can manage your account. They have an immaculate customer service and you would be getting everything ready and moving on your account once you win an auction.

Besides, their website at has a precise FAQ to answer all you queries.

Some features

The homepage on features the deleting domains and premium pre releases and also the information on auctions closing soon.  You can also look what bids the listed domains are to fetch. The domains can be added to a watch list without even placing a bid on them. You have received few or no bids on some domains. This is a very good option on Namejet to get some expiring domains at good prices.

Some cons

Some Namejet reviews have to say that the website is buggy. When you backorder a delete name that is pending you get the notification of no data returned often. The Premium domains have very high bids at the start too, something like $1000 or so. Besides most of the names on this namejet site are gambling site names. Most of the domain names are dropping on sites and winning an auction will take you to the Network Solutions website which is a very expensive website.

Namejet is noted for its customer care services and the financial, technical, support and marketing teams are all directed to help you develop your business by providing help and cooperation, according to online reviews of Namejet.


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